18 Free Striking 2-column Layout WordPress Themes

One of the reasons WordPress is a number platform in managing site content is its number of themes available. Every day, you can find several newly released templates. Most of them are truly awesome. What’s more is that the themes keep on getting better. Regardless of the site you’re trying to build, you can easily create it with this platform.

Although most of the attractive themes are available at certain amount, you can already find free well-designed free themes with several features, which are usually available in premium themes. If you’re just starting for your next project, then why not try these free themes.

Most of the web designers these days are opting for a two-column layout. Although it’s deemed as a less successful layout in displaying content, it still offers immense benefits. It provides more room for your content so it makes it easy for your visitors to read about what you have to say.

1. Contango


It’s elegant yet simple design with a lot of emphasis on the content. This free theme is built with custom menu, header, background, etc. It can work for various niches.

2. Focused


This clean, responsive theme is designed for a targeted site or a personal blog. To download it for free, you’ll have to register an account with Spicy Tricks. Registration is free.

3. Keko


It’s a two-column theme with 3-column footer. Other features will include Twitter integration, widget sidebar, banner-ready, thread comments ready, etc.

4. Onenote


The theme includes a light page background with floral pattern. Its content area is dark brown giving your topic a bold feeling.

5. Boldr


This magazine-style WordPress theme is great for personal or business sites.

6. Blog-o-folio


It’s great for any type of site, be it personal, portfolio or corporate. This theme consists of different options and functionalities that allow you to get control over how it appears.

7. Busby


It’s built with UpThemes framework which is great for personal blogging. But you can also optimize it for your corporate blog.

8. Bon Press


It’s packed with audio and video features, as well as custom widgets giving you a unique blogging experience.

9. Respo Theme


It’s a responsive layout with flex slider and unlimited featured sections. It also comes with shortcode generator and color scheme generator.

10. Frank


This no-frills WordPress theme is fast to load with an option of having one-column, two-column, etc.

11. Accentbox


You can only download and use this theme by registering an account with Mythemeshop.

12. Koi


This is suitable for a personal blog. It supports all features of WordPress 3.0 but you can also use it with WP older versions. Multiple-level dropdown menus, custom menus and threaded comments are just few of its features.

13. Bueno


Its design utilizes grid style with integrated banner ad management. It comes in 7 different color schemes and it has a .po file that you can use for theme integration.

14. Zexee


It’s based on The Design Superhero’s design. With its GNU General Public License, you can use it for personal or commercial purposes.

15. Journal Crunch


This journal-like theme is great for magazine or portfolio site. It’s a two-column theme with three-column footer.

16. A Dream To Host


It’s fast loading and it’s SEO-friendly. This theme has loads of features that you can easily customize.

17. Casual Theme


Although it’s a WordPress theme, it has a look and feel of Tumblr. It comes with social sharing options so your visitors can easily share your content with their own social media accounts.

18. Kore


This responsive template has customizable menu, social icons, feeds subscriptions widgets, etc.

All of these WordPress themes make your content more visible to your visitors, which is the most important thing when building a site or blog. You won’t be wasting space with details that your user will never need. With these options, the most important aspects of your site will be given up front.

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