18 High-quality And Free Bokeh Textures

18 High-Quality and Free Bokeh Textures

Here are some high-quality and free bokeh textures for you:

1. Sushibird.com Free Stock


This bokeh image background or texture can be used for a lot of blogs or websites. It is a mixture of blue and green bokeh lights.

2. Freebie: 24 Seamless Bokeh Textures


If you are looking for a seamless texture then you have come to the right place. You can use them for your photography projects or other visual designs.

3. Bokeh by koko-stock


This is also a bokeh texture that is blue with a dash of green on it and with sharp details.

4. Bokeh Textures Minimal Raindrops


This bokeh texture set comes in three, ranging from medium to high density.

5. My First Bokeh


This one has a rainbow gradient bokeh texture.

6. Teal Bokeh


This is a teal-colored bokeh on a black background.

7. Bokeh textures – traffic (medium density)


This set contains 13 bokeh textures of traffic lights in the streets, in colorful yellow and red out of focus sparkles.

8. Light / Bokeh Texture 61


This texture is mostly aqua green and a bit blue-green as well.

9. Bokeh textures (semi-low density)


This is a set of 10 textures of bokeh lights at night, taken at port terminal.

10. Colorful Rainbow Bokeh


This set of bokeh textures has 22 images featuring rainbow and soft light ones.

11. Single Bokeh Texture


This is a plain and simple but high resolution purple / lavender bokeh texture.

12. Rainbow Bokeh (PhotoSpoof)


This is another simple but vibrant and colorful bokeh texture.

13. Bokeh Texture Vampstock 8


This is a bokeh texture that is a bit blurred but colorful.

14. Blue Bokeh Textures


This is a set of 4 blue bokeh textures that are somewhat aqua blue or blue-green and quite light.

15. Light/Bokeh Textures by PuffettaMartii


This is a set of 10 light / bokeh textures in different colors.

16. Blue Bokeh by 19Frency94


This is a nicely-detailed bokeh texture in light blue. They almost look like shattered diamonds blurred.

17. Light/Bokeh Texture 28 by xnienke


This is a nice heart-shaped bokeh texture with fancy and light colors.

18. texture 96 by AssassinM-Stock


This is yet another cute bokeh texture in light blue and a dash of magenta. It is available in a large resolution of 4288 x 2848 px.


Bokeh textures and texture packs are available almost everywhere on the web. You can use them not just for website backgrounds, blog backgrounds or application backgrounds, but also for print media like flyers, magazines, posters or even advertising purposes. Bokeh textures are perfect for fantasy, portfolio or photography backgrounds, and are widely used today due to its simplicity and elegance, with a variety of colors.

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