20 free and awesome blogger templates

Blogger is now taking the center stage when it comes to blogging platforms. Backed by the world’s largest search engine, it’s really no wonder to find Blogger rising above the competition.

Since it’s free and it is packed with so many features, there’s no doubt that Blogger is loved by millions of people.

If you are one of the many people who now use Blogger, then you’re in good hands.

Today, I want to redirect our focus on Blogger templates. Sure, we all have been given the default template by the time we first use Blogger. However, this does not mean that you cannot use other types of templates.

There a lot of templates that you can choose from Blogger, but as you may have noticed by now, most of the impressive templates are paid.

Don’t worry. In this post, I will give you a list of AWESOME, but free Blogger templates. That’s right. So you don’t have to spend money on any template. Check out the list below!

List of free and Awesome Blogger Templates for 2013

Here is the list of 20 blogger templates that you are free to use on your blog:



Newline is a simple pink-themed blog template for mostly girly, anime, or art blogs. There is a drop-down menu and YouTube videos can be placed on the header.

Link to template: www.soratemplates.com/2013/07/newline-blogger-template.html



Videoism is the perfect theme if you are doing a video site or video portal, somewhat reminiscent of Vimeo or YouTube layouts.

Link to template: www.templateism.com/2013/07/videoism-blogger-template.html



If you want something a bit more elegant or professional, Elice is a great theme for you.

Link to template: www.blogtipsntricks.com/2013/07/elice-responsive-blogger-template.html



As the title implies, this is quite a minimalistic white Blogger template for you to use, along with social media buttons and widgets.

Link to template: www.blogtipsntricks.com/2013/01/minimum-responsive-blogger-template.html

Main Photo

For photography enthusiasts and such, Main Photo is a neat-looking theme with a photo slider.

Link to template: www.main-blogger.com/2013/03/update-main-photo-responisve-blogger.html

Catalogspot K2 E-Commerce Blogger Template


If you are looking for an E-commerce blogger template for your online store, check out this wonderful and free template.

Link to template: loefa-cebook.blogspot.com/2013/06/catalogspot-k2-e-commerce-blogger.html



Here is another blogger template that is aimed at photography enthusiasts and photojournalists. It uses jQuery to arrange posts into blocks of colorful squares that have graphic effects.

Link to template: urang-kurai.blogspot.com/2013/05/dcm-white.html



This is a bit similar to the above theme, except in a more professional and dark tone, using only black and green.

Link to template: urang-kurai.blogspot.com/2013/07/dcm-v2-spring-green.html

Elite Minima


If you need a theme that’s very light and elegant (especially for wedding sites or related content), this theme is for you. The typography is excellent and everything is customizable.

Link to template: www.way2blogging.org/2012/02/free-premium-blogger-template-elite-minima.html



Here is another free and (white) light-colored theme. This is perfect if your posts have front photos on them.

Link to template: loefa-cebook.blogspot.com/2013/06/fixedbee-responsive-blogger-template.html

Super SEO


As the name implies, this Blogger template is directly aimed at SEO blogs and is in a clean white theme and has social media icons.

Link to template: www.gallerybloggertemplates.com/2012/11/super-seo.html

Johnny Tampan Blogger Template


The theme is black and a dash of yellow. It is quite modern and fits photos or movie posters and such.

Link to template: www.mastemplate.com/2013/01/johny-tampan.html



Adsosive is a white / light-blue theme that has unique photo borders (raindrops).

Link to template: www.ivythemes.com/2012/11/adsosive-blogger-template.html

Valor Blogger Theme


This theme has a nice photo slider for wide pictures and another one (perfect for movie posters or game covers) below.

Link to template: newbloggerthemes.com/valor-blogger-template/



As the name implies, it is a blog template reminiscent of Pinterest, only with different colors.

Link to template: www.soratemplates.com/2012/08/pinfinity-blogger-template.html

Zylyz Blogger Template


If you want a template that is HTML5-powered and has fancy colors (magenta and purple) then this one is for you.

Link to template: newbloggerthemes.com/zylyz-blogger-template/



This theme is somewhat similar to Pinfinity except for some difference in layouts and typefaces.

Link to template: www.ivythemes.com/2012/10/exelencia-blogger-template.html

Lantern Blogger Template


Has a (really) wide photo slider. You can use it as either a personal blog or a tutorial blog.

Link to template: newbloggerthemes.com/lantern-blogger-template/

Johnny Jazztube


As the name implies, it is a video blog theme that imports videos from YouTube. It has some nice sidebars and menu layouts for you.

Link to template: www.mastemplate.com/2012/06/johny-jazzytube.html

Spot Times


This is a unique template that makes it look like a web version of a newspaper.

Link to template: bloggeritems.com/templates/spot-times-daily-press-blogger-template


There are many free high-quality themes for blogger out there, but here are a few templates to start with.

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