20+ Free Awesome Handwritten Fonts

The style of your font is one of the most important parts of web design. It is not only a means to communicate an idea or information but it is also a means to improve the visual concept of your web design.

Fonts serve both functionality and aesthetic purposes.

When web design had started, it greatly relies on print-designed fonts. But today, we now see the increasing demand for handwritten fonts.

This is solely because of the natural and gorgeous look of handwritten fonts. In addition to this, handwritten fonts make a web design more vibrant, playful, and sometimes, magical.

So why choose handwritten fonts? Well, let’s just say that this type of fonts is more familiar to most people and it enables your design to have a more personal touch. Handwritten fonts are more flexible and able to drive your point across.

Here are some free downloadable handwritten fonts:

1. Xiomara

2. Always on my Heart

3. Architect’s Daughter

4. Halo Handletter

5. AkaDora

6. Jenns Handwriting Font

7. Trufla Words Font

8. Gooddog

9. Brankovic

10. Journal

11. Head Case Font

12. Unnamed Melody

13. Dawning of a New Day

14. Dancing Script

15. Londrina

16. Pacifico

17. Happy Holly

18. The Lobster Font

19. Mathlete

20. Softsugar

Here are some of the best handwritten fonts out there. This will give you a general idea which fonts you might want to try because if you will start you search from scratch, it will be easy to get confused with the different choices. Therefore, try out first the items mentioned here.

You might know some other awesome handwritten fonts. Please feel free to mention these fonts in the comment box.

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