20 Makeup Ideas for Stylish Brides

If there is a day in your life when you really have to look like a million bucks, that day is your wedding day. Every bride wants to look stunning and really stand out on that special day! Ambiance and décor can greatly help, but the perfect wedding makeup will help you shine bright like the diamond that you are. It will highlight the good part of your face and make you look your best no matter what angle you are photographed. And expect to be photographed not only by the official photographer but by every guest with a smart phone so you need to be perfect for your wedding day!


1. From ElegantWeddingInvites


This style of bridal makeup, as seen above, where the eyes are highlighted will always be a favorite of brides across cultures. Notice how the whole face looks fresh and delicate while the eyes simply pops and attracts effortlessly. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then grooms would not be able to help themselves from lovingly gazing at the depths of their brides’ souls.


2. From Young Craze


The groom will definitely fall head over heels in love all over again when they see a face such as the one featured above. Aside from looking elegant, the makeup of the bride gave depth to the look of her eyes that will stare at the eyes of her groom all day long. Notice the dark hue around the eyes that accentuated those gorgeous eyes.


3. From bodasnovias.com


It would seem that simplicity is the new trend of classy bridal makeups. As seen above, the first thing that you will notice is the lack of red, loud lipstick colors on the lips of the bride. Her blush is also almost invisible as well as the usual nose bridge accent or shade. Just a fresh-looking face that will walk down the aisle on her wedding day.


4. From Rustic Folk Weddings


A fierce style that will make you shine as you walk down the aisle. Highlight those penetrating gaze in a bridal makeup that will show the world that you intend to take your vows earnestly and your marriage seriously. Like the bride shown above, have the no-nonsense makeup that will make everyone take your wedding day very seriously.


5. From foliver


As may be seen from above, this bride’s makeup has “traditional” written all over it. And what’s wrong with having a traditional bridal makeup? Notice the balance in everything – the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows. Such sweet and classy makeup will never go wrong.


6. From ezwed.in


If you fancy a more cultural type of wedding makeup, like the one shown here, you may opt to use such Indian-type of makeup on you. With the heavily-madeup eyes, red, cherry lips, and cheek blush that is noticeable, you will look oriental in no time. This type of makeup style works with dark to fair complexions.


7. From Lively


The pouty, kissable lips will melt the hearts of any groom and will surely leave your loved ones and guests in awe. Partnered with intense-looking eyes and blush that makes the cheekbones more prominent, such bridal makeup will be the envy of brides-to-be. Say your vows looking beautifully elegant and look great on all the wedding pictures on your special day.


8. From gentandbeauty.com


The Bohemian inspired makeup shown above will make you look exquisite and fresh on your special day. Light makeup all around makes this style the epitome of simplicity and class. What this style highlights is the beauty of the whole face and not only on certain aspects.


9. From paperandiace.com


The makeup style above is an east-meets-west style that brides who are fair-skinned can effectively use for their weddings. The lips are colored but with a matte finish that makes the face less traditional and more exotic. The blush on the cheeks is light as well as the eye makeup. The combination of this style exudes a more rustic feel to your look.


10. From amzn.to


Sweet and chic, the bridal makeup shown above is perfect for brides who want to look young and innocent on their wedding day. Notice how the lips are colored lightly and the blush is just enough to color the cheeks and highlight the cheekbones. The eyes are not smoky but is emphasized only with a simple makeup which does not diminish the beauty of the eyes and the look that you can give you groom.


11. From Deer Pearl Flowers / Wedding Blog


The one word that best describe a bride like the one above is angelic. Your wedding is a special day and, as much as possible, your wedding should be heavenly in all aspects. From the ceremony to the reception, heavenly should be the ideal and objective. but the most important thing that must look heavenly, however, is the bride and a bridal makeup that will make you look like an angel is a must.


12. From intfashionz.blogspot.com


Smoky eyes accentuated with silver, glittery colors, thin penciled eyebrows, cherry red and glossy lips, and light blush on the cheeks, the makeup for this bride truly is a style that only a few can carry with style. However, the brides who can wear this kind of makeup style with confidence and grace will definitely be the talk of the town for years. Such bold style is something that cannot be forgotten easily.


13. From trubridal.org


Those heavily-lidded eyes matched with eyes as light and blue as the ocean surely is a pair made in heaven. Notice the very light lips, blush, and the overall look of the face? Such style leaves the eyes as the center of attention. This style is not for everyone because the heavy makeup on the eyelids require light colored hue of the eyes.


14. From pouted.com


Fresh look to compliment your beautiful face on your wedding day is what every bride should strive for. The bridal makeup featured above is an example of a graceful, garden-fresh look that is perfect for a garden wedding or a rustic-themed wedding. Be light and graceful on your feet as well as your look on your special day.


15. From etsy.com


Another makeup style that is perfect for outdoors and rustic-themed ones, the style shown above aims to bring out that fresh and clean look. Simple and light, the style is straightforward and beautiful. Lips that are glossy yet light colored, eyes lightly outlined by makeup, cheeks lightly colored by blush strokes, this style is perfect for the outdoors and well-lighted areas.


16. From Junebug Wedding


If you’re looking for that vintage, classy look, then the makeup style seen above is the perfect one for you. See the smoky eyes accentuated by glossy cherry lips and heavy eyebrows of the bride above and people cannot help but be nostalgic about the good old days. Bring back that stunning and elegant look on your special day.


17. From greenweddingshoes.com


If gothic style is the one for you, don’t go full gothic and retain some lightness on your look like the one seen above on a beautiful bride. Take note of the delicate balance of light and dark on the bride’s face which shows a dark rose colored lips and a semi-smoked up eyes on a light, even face with delicate blush on the cheeks. The combination is truly beautiful.


18. From therighthairstyles.com


Another perfect style for that oriental look, the bride shown above has managed to gravitate people on her dark, tantalizing eyes with a makeup that highlights those eyes. The makeup is heavy on the eyelashes, if you would notice, matched with thin eyebrows and lightly-colored lips. A sure way to give yourself that exotic look, this makeup style is perfect for brides with dark eyes.


19. From Stylish Eve


People with darker skin colors, like the one shown above, should go with the makeup style shown above. Here, the lips are glossy yet not too red, the blush on the cheeks are not heavy, and the eyes are accentuated with only light makeup. The eyelashes, though, are what was darkened in order to highlight those dark-colored eyes.


20. From Style Me Pretty


For brunettes, like the bride shown above, delicate and light-colored hues are the perfect ones for you. Even the lips are colored lightly as well as the eyelids. The makeup for this one is light and airy enough that the natural colors of the hair seemed to pop up and be emphasized. Perfect for garden and rustic-themed weddings, this makeup style is a must for June brides.

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