20 Most Reliable Proxy Websites To Browse Anonymously

A proxy website doesn’t only allow you to browse the Internet anonymously but it also lets you access the web even if there’s a restriction implemented by your Internet Service Provider or if you’ve slow net connection. The proxy site also helps you access your favorite blogs/websites when you have an issue with DNS cache. With anonymous browsing, you can hide your private information.

When you’re using this type of site, you don’t directly access the website you want to visit. Instead, you’ll make a request, then, the proxy website will fetch the page for you. Before it sends the web page you’re requesting to your browser, it encrypts the content and removes all scripts and ads. As a result, you’ll leave no footprint to your browser. As a result, you’ll leave no footprint to your browser. You can also develop your own app & register your business as LLC in California If you stay there.

It’s the proxy website that’s directly connected to the website you’re trying to access. Although the browsing will go slower than regular surfing, you won’t be leaving a calling card to every website you’ve visited.

Surf the web anonymously with these proxy sites

To start browsing the web anonymously, here are the top 20 proxy websites that can help you get started:

1. Hidemyass.com

Hide My Ass

It’s one of the leading proxy websites online. It offers more than 25,000 anonymous IP addresses. It’s the largest amount of IP addresses a web proxy can offer. If you’re living in the UK and you want to watch shows in the US, then all you have to do is use this site so that your identity will appear that you’re living in the US.

2. Dontfilter.us


Access all websites using Dont Filter.

3. Anonymizer.nntime.com


With this proxy website, you can choose a country so that your IP address will be changed. It’s free to use but you can also use its advanced tools by paying a fixed price.

4. Myspace-unblocker.org


It’s very simple to use that allows you to browse several websites, despite the presence of the firewalls in your computer. This is especially useful if you’re browsing the net at work or in school.

5. Fake IP

Fake IP

Browse faster with FAKE IP. Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and every other social networking in seconds.

6. Proxy.my-addr.com


It’s free to use by humans. It has advanced settings that let you turn off cookies or scripts. You can also opt to wipe out cookies before starting to browse the webpage.

7. Rxproxy.com

RX Proxy

This free web proxy website lets you save bandwidth while browsing a web page because it removes ads from the web pages you’re visiting. The loading speed is also increased.

8. Newipnow.com

New IP now

While browsing the web page you like to visit, you’re not using your own IP address. Rather, you’ll be using the site’s public IP addresses. You can choose to use its IP address from Ontario, Canada; Tampa, Florida; and Albany, New York, among others.

9. Megaproxy.com

Mega Proxy

It has both free and advanced web SSL virtual private network subscription. The former option has certain restrictions but it can still allow you to browse the web anonymously.

10. Adfreeproxy.com

Ad Free Proxy

Even though it’s a free service, it’s still secure. Its home page is clean without the annoying ads.

11. Bind2.com

Bind 2

You can use this site when browsing your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts that have been blocked by your IT in your office or school.

12. Proxfree.com

Prox Free

It has multiple web servers from across the globe. For fastest speed, you need to use the server that is close to your location.

13. Unblock-proxy.net


Its user-interface is clean and simple, with only a few ads showing up.

14. The-cloak.com

The Cloak

It has an option to remove active content and Javascript.

16. Fresh-proxy.appspot.com (Ninja Proxy)

Ninja Proxy

17. Youhide.com

You Hide

Its design is straightforward. You can’t find ads on its homepage.

18. Trycatchme.com

Try Catch Me

It’s one of the simplest and easiest proxy websites available free of charge.

19. Proxywebsite.org

Proxy Website

It lets you surf the web anonymously using its fast and reliable servers found in the US, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, and California.

20. Blewpass.com

Blew Pass

Its free option lets you choose whether or not to encrypt URL or page, allow cookies, remove scripts or page titles and objects.

These top 20 proxy websites that allow you to browse the web anonymously have ads. If you wish to remove the ads and traffic limit, you can purchase a VPN account. The rate is reasonable.

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