21 Top Sites To Download Free High-quality Textures

Free textures are highly appreciated in the world of graphic arts and designs. Because of this, designers can increase the variability of their work and to come up with the best and suited design for their website.

Through the use of textures, a skilled and professional designer can set the mood and feel of his work.

While there are textures that aren’t free, it is worthy to note that you can decrease your expenses by availing of free textures. But since it is free, you might think that those textures are of low quality and will not serve its purpose effectively.

The truth is that there is a good number of websites out there who provides free high quality textures.

All you have to do is to look for them. Before you refrain from using free textures, get a load of these sweet and useful websites as they can provide you a vast array of free, but amazing choices.

1. 1000 Skies

Are you looking for sky photography, but failed to find them in various websites? Then, your search is over with 1000 skies. They have a comprehensive collection of sky images.

2. 2Textured

2Textured has a very large collection of items on its shelves. Not to worry, they have grouped their textures in categories for easy search.

3. 3DXO

This site highly specializes in 3D images and they have lots of them. Not only that, they provide free tutorials on how to design and use 3D images.

4. Amazing Textures

The textures in this website are systematically organized in categories. This will help you find the right Photoshop textures in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Register to the site and get higher resolution images.

5. Bittbox

Every Tuesday, this website releases free textures, both amazing and really impressive. You can also check out their archives and find free textures that had already been given away for the past weeks.

6. CG Textures

CG Textures is unique because you can have a closer look at its textures before viewing them in full-size. Its textures are well designed and sorted out properly for you to easily find what you are looking for.

7. DeviantArt

DeviantArt do not just offer textures created by photographers, but also by designers as well. This means that the textures offered here are unique in many ways.

8. Fudge Graphics

To acquire the most out of Fudge Graphics, it is very important to subscribe to them. They have helpful tutorials and guides for designers.

9. Grunge Textures

Obviously, Grunge Textures focuses on grunge textures. There are over a thousand of images sorted out in 18 categories available.

10. Lost and Taken

This site is like a blog where users regularly upload textures together with their posts. Aside from textures, you might as well pick some inspiration for your design.

11. Morgue File

If you think about numbers, Morgue File has it all. According to the site, they have around 10,000 textures that you can choose. This is by far one of the biggest numbers for free textures. All you need to do is browse their galleries and archives. When you find the right one, you can just hit the download button, wait, and presto, you have your texture. Though they have a huge number of textures, you do not have to worry about its quality since most of their textures are of really high quality and resolution.

12. Shizoo

Shizoo don’t just include textures, but also patterns, icons, brushes, and other Photoshop elements. They have unique textures that you will not find in other websites.

13. Smashing Magazine

This not entirely a texture website, but they have over 2000 textures that you can choose from. Their collection of textures is collected when they held a contest before where people upload textures and the winner will receive a Canon Rebel XT. Though that was long over, the contest resulted to accumulated textures coming from around the world.

14. Spiral Graphics

They have a large gallery of textures which you can browse. But if you’re not in a hurry, you can download all the images in one click. Though this may take long, it is worth the wait. After you download everything, you can easily browse and find the best texture you want to use.

15. Texture Gallery

There are thousands of impressive textures in this website. Texture Gallery is overall gray in color to highlight their textures and not to influence designers while they make their choice.

16. Toybirds

Aside from textures, Toybirds has a listing of other sources or websites where you can also download textures. There are also posts made in the website that features some of their products.

17. Texture King

Texture King is more on quality rather than quantity. Even though they have limited number of free textures, it has stunning and high resolution items on its list.

18. Textures.z7server.com

They have over 500 textures available and the best part of this website is that it allows you to download more than one texture at the same time through its useful download link.

19. Texturama.com

For starters, Texturama offers you free textures, but it has many products that you can acquire with a small amount of money.

20. Think Design

This a blog site that gives textures for free. All the uploaded textures are stored in their archives so make sure to take a look at this site.

21. Urban Dirty

Urban Dirty never failed designers when it comes to variety. They have a wide range of selection ranging from grungy feel to light colored textures. They also have works posted on Flickr.

These are the top 21 site where you can download free and high quality textures. Now that you have a list of free texture websites, it will be hard to imagine if you still have a poverty of inspiration. Make sure to visit each of these websites and other websites not mentioned here to identify which of them will surely satisfy your need for texture.

Which do you think is the best website that provides free high quality textures? Let us know your thought by commenting below.

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