22 Best Free Swirl Photoshop Brushes

For any designer, obtaining a good collection of free swirl Photoshop brushes is essential. Thankfully, there’s no shortage when it comes to Photoshop brushes. There are plenty of them online. Most designer websites are offering them, either for free or with charge. But the problem with swirl brushes doesn’t lie in finding them. Rather, it’s about finding quality brushes that you can use in your designs.

To help you out, here’s a list of 22 free swirl Photoshop brushes that you can use in your projects. With this amazing collection, you can add more styles to your designs.

1. Swirly Lights

Swirly Lights Photoshop Brushes

This package contains 38 mystical blue lines that swirl in harmony. The background is separated from the lines making them easier for you to include them into your designs. Available in PNG format, this package is free, whether you use it for commercial or non-commercial. The images are in 3500 x 1951 pixels.

2. Spiky Swirl

Spikey Swirl

This collection works in old and new versions of Photoshop as the images were made using PS 7. This package has a variety of effects that can enhance your designs.

3. Decorative Trees

Decorative Trees

Made using PS CS4, this collection has 12 decorative trees brushes in high resolution. The file is in .ABR from .AI

4. Decorative Swirl Frame Brushes

Decorative Swirl Frame Brushes

It’s a collection of 8 beautifully designed decorative swirl frame brushes. You may use these high resolution brushes when designing projects for weddings.

5. Party Swirl Brushes

Party Swirl Brushes

It’s a set of 8 festive party swirl brushes that you usually see during birthday parties. They’re made using Photoshop CS3 and are perfect in decorating birthday cards or any type of occasions.

6. Abstract Swirls

 Abstract Swirls

This collection of 14 brushes was created using Illustrator. The sizes of the brush are from 2041 pixels up to 2500 pixels.

7. Star Swirls

Created by ~ladieoffical @ deviantart.

8. PS7 Swirls Brushes


It contains 13 brushes in total.

9. Leaf Swirls


This is another creation of Susan. In this collection, you can find 9 high resolution swirl brushes created using Illustrator but exported to Photoshop at 300 dpi. Susan used scanned images of the leaves found in her backyard to create these images.

10. Ribbon Brushes


The collection includes 14 brushes available to be used with Photoshop CS3.

11. Swirly Orb Brushes


It’s a set of 6 swirly ornament brushes that you can use for your abstract designs. They’re great to enhance the texture of your project.

12. Circle Swirls


It’s a collection of 3 circle swirl brushes.

13. Flower Swirl

14. Grunge Swirl Brushes

If you want grungy designs, then this collection of 10 grunge swirl brushes can add a shape to your fancy designs. The set is compatible with Photoshop CS2 and up.

15. Flowers First Brushes

Created by Pixels and Ice Cream group of designers, this collection is made of 8 brushes that are in high resolution.

16. Swirl Chaos Brushes

These free-to-use brushes have 2500 pixels maximum size. They’re made of 14 swirl brushes.

17. Strange Swirl Brushes


This set is made of 18 lovely brushes that are in .abr format. They’re created for Photoshop CS.

18. Heart Brushes


These 13 high resolution heart swirl brushes were made especially for “Heart’s Day.” However, you may use them in various occasions. The available brush sizes are from 1723 pixels to 2500 pixels.

19. Swirls And Seeds


Made in PS7, the set is composed of 33 swirls and seeds brushes.

20. Abstract Light Swirl Brushes

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes

It’s a collection of 5 brushes at 2500 pixels that can be used using Photoshop CS or higher.

21. Sparkles


The collection can be used in designing a map or anything that you want. Just make sure that you put a credit to the creator.

22. Floral Ornament


This collection contains 20 photoshop brushes of 1000 pixels to 1600 pixels.

Some of these brushes have restrictions but they’re all free to use. Credits are needed so you can use them for private and commercial projects. However, you can’t resell them. Most of these brushes do come in large sizes so they can give you high-quality results.

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