25+ Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

When we say abstract, we usually mean random flashes of light or colors, and it has no definite form. Some of them are vector and some of them are just random streaks of light or swirls.

Abstract brushes are used mostly as backgrounds, effects or added attraction for sci-fi photomanpulations, wallpapers, and other graphical works. Here are some awesome (more than 25) free abstract Photoshop brushes.

List of Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

1. Abstract Brushset X


This is a wonderful light abstract brush that can be used for PS7 and others.

2. Unreal Brushes by Edelihu


This is a set of 8 abstract light brushes with swirls like an octopus.

3. Fortune Brushes by ShiftyJ


This brush set can be used for tech web design and vector layouts. It has 25 brushes in the set.

4. Abstract Vector Brushes by paulw


This is yet another cool brush set, made of 83 vector designs that you can use.

5. Odysee by Axeraider70


This is a cool light abstract brush for space and sci-fi backgrounds.

6. Sui Generis Brushes


It is a Latin phrase that means “of its own genus or species”. This is a great brush set for sci-fi graphics.

7. Arcade Brushes


This brush set contains mostly tech abstract elements and vector stuff for your designing pleasure.

8. Cosmic Lights


Cosmic Lights is a great pack of high-resolution lights that you can use for your abstract backgrounds or sources of light on your illustration.

9. Abstract Butterfly Brushes


This set contains abstract light brushes that resemble a butterfly.

10. Abstract Grunge Brushes


Here is a mix between abstract and grunge brushes and made in CS, made up of 25 brushes.

11. 378 Abstract Brushes CS1+2+3


As you can see from the name, this is a very huge set of free abstract brushes! However, for commercial use, you will have to buy them for £10.

12. Pack of Abstract Brushes by rubina119


This is a pack of 3 abstract brushes (vol. 1-3), some light brushes and abstract lines – a huge pack of free brushes!

13. Light Brushes by ShadyMedusa-stock


This set of abstract light brushes contains 12 in the set and have a bit of blurry action appearance.

14. Circle Abstract Brushes by Edwin Cuadros Juarez


This is a set of 7 circular abstract light brushes for free and commercial use.

15. Abstract Brushes 13 by Ghost-001


This set of free brushes contains 12 abstract ones that you can use for backgrounds, etc.

16. Ecol Brushes


This set contains 5 brushes of swirling abstract lights with circular tails.

17. Extremely Abstract by env1ro


This is a set of 20 high-res striking light brushes for PS7 and above.

18. Abstract Set 2 by Infuzion


This is a set of abstract chrome brushes, with 14 variations.

19. Abstract Lines by PhysicalMagic


This is a set of 8 large abstract line brushes and also includes an image pack.

20. GVL Fractal Set 2 Abstract


This set contains 7 abstract fractal (abstract light) brushes) in sharp details.

21. Vectorlines – Abstract HQ


This is a set of high-quality abstract vector lines with 40 brushes and unique designs.

22. Abstract Brush Pack by JenniStock


This is a vector abstract brush set that you can use for borders and the like.

23. Abstract Fire Brush


This brush set contains 11 abstract fire brushes with different styles.

24. Abstract Forms Brushes


This set contains swirls and other abstract lights and circular shapes and it was made in PS CS2.

25. Abstract Design Brushes


If you are designing a dreamscape or need some abstract curves on your graphic work then try this brush set.

26. Chaos – Abstract PS Brush set


This is a set of 10 sharp chaotic abstract brushes with geometrical shapes.

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