25+ Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers (2013)

Tired of old and outdated Photoshop actions and you are still looking for that perfect one? Then, you came at the right place.Though there are many types of Photoshop actions out there, the list below will focus on the ones that are specifically made for the photographers.

1. Unspoken


Unspoken Photoshop action can turn your photo into a poster of a blockbuster film. It adds green and blue tint elements in your photo.

2. Blue Picchu and Green Tea

Blue Picchu and Green Tea

3. Action – Vintage 3D

Action - Vintage 3D

4. Page Curl

Page Curl

Page curl will give you a realistic page turn. There is also an added effect of drop shadow style.

5. Photoshop Modelize Action

Photoshop Modelize Action

You can turn an ordinary looking person into a model with this Photoshop action. For most pictures of models, they have soft and glowing skin. This is exactly what Modelize Action can achieve.

6. Soften Skin Effect Action

Soften Skin Effect Action

If you need to smoothen uneven skin tone and surfaces, this Photoshop action will be very useful.

7. HDR tools

HDR tools

This Photoshop action is very great in editing photos taken by HDR photography. It can easily remove digital grey due to inadequate true black color.

8. Denim & Leather

Denim & Leather

Have you noticed the brand name of your jeans to be very attractive? You can use this Photoshop action to create a great brand name photo.

9. Stamp Generator Photoshop Action

Stamp Generator Photoshop Action

10. Warm and Vintage Photoshop Action

Warm and Vintage Photoshop Action

11. Photoshop 005 – Nostalgia

Photoshop 005 - Nostalgia

12. Action 63

13. Light Leak

4 photoshop actions by howicopewithlife.

Light Leak

14. Free Sunrise/Sunset Photoshop Action

Free Sunrise and Sunset Photoshop Action

15. Burnt Brown Action

Burnt Brown Action

16. Instagram 13 Filters – PS Actions

Instagram 13 Filters - PS Actions

17. Polanoid Generator

Polanoid Generator

18. Sweet Sunshine Photoshop ATN

19. Free Black and White Photoshop Action

20. Lomocam

Lomo Effects + Polaroid Frame Generator

21. Cinematic FX by SparkleStock

Cinematic FX

22. Black and white photoshop action

Black and White Photoshop Action

23. PS Action 1

Photoshop Action 1

24. Holgarizer


Holgarizer is somewhat similar to Instagram’s filters. It makes a photo to be somewhat playful but with an element of drama. With heavy vignettes and saturated color, Holgarizer can make your photo look vintage.

25. Art of decay

Art of decay

You can turn your photo into old and aged image with Art of Decay.

Taking photos and turning them into a stamp instantly can be fun. Use this Photoshop action to customize your photo and have your own collection of stamp!

These are just some of the recent Photoshop actions that you will surely love if you are a photographer. Use them for personal or commercial use. But of course, you need to respect the copyright of the author. Learn the terms and conditions concerning its use.

If you have more Photoshop actions in mind, please feel free to mention them in the comment box below.

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