3 Things To Upgrade About Your Website

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You put all this work into your website, make sure everything is in tip-top shape when you first get started, and then leave it alone for months or even years at a time. Then you start to realize that something in your business is missing, but you can’t figure out what.

“Well, how do I know it’s time to upgrade?”

If you’re experiencing any of the following struggles, it’s time to upgrade that website!

  1. You find yourself constantly “editing” your website and feeling like it’s never quite finished
  2. You look around in the online space and realize that your brand doesn’t quite look up-to-par
  3. You experience issue after issue with your hosting platform and it starts to take up too much time to deal with

“Well, how often should I do such upgrading?”

Considering how fast the online space is moving, evolving, and improving, it’s best to audit and upgrade your website at least every business quarter. You want to make sure that you are always abrupt on what’s new, what’s working, and what’s not.

I’m pretty sure you’re next question is: “Well, WHAT in the world do I need to start upgrading??!”

Out of all the things you could upgrade on your website, if you want to know the top 3 upgrades that most web designers, developers and digital agencies often need, keep reading! If you’re ready to give Liquid Web™ a try, skip right to scheduling your consultation today.

3 Things to Upgrade About Your Website

1. Content

Methods, strategies, and information are constantly changing over the Internet. To stay ahead of the curve, you must stay knowledgeable within your field and upgrade your content accordingly.

For example, the way that people use the Web today is much different than the way they used it a decade ago or even 2-3 years ago. According to PewInternet.org, in 2001, the average internet user spent 83 minutes online. In 2013, 56% of Americans accessed the Internet on their smartphones.

Another great example is this post on the Liquid Web™ blog that discusses why you need to care about mobile malware. Before the year of 2000, mobile viruses were unheard of. As you’ll read in the post, mobile malware is now more necessary than ever.

Look at all the content on your site and ask yourself, “Is this still relevant?” For anything that has come and gone with the trends of the online space, upgrade it to fit your website.

2. Branding

Visuals matter online. They are what pulls your audience in. Believe it or not, when it comes to your branding, your audience is in fact “judging a book by its cover.” An outdated brand raises suspicion about what else in your business is outdated.

How your audience’s mind reacts to visuals online changes immensely over time and your business needs to change with it. I know, I know. You put a ton of money into that logo, you waited quite a while to get that website finished, and so on.

The reality is that if you take on a career that is online-based, you’ll need to upgrade your branding at least twice a year. Now, that doesn’t mean get a new logo every 6 months, but it does mean to look at the overall branding of your site to see what story it’s telling. Is it still compelling enough to attract? Is it staying ahead of the curve? Is it making the necessary connection to your target audience? For example, when YouTube came out in 2005, everyone easily began to choose video over any other form of content.

And your upgrade to your brand doesn’t always mean your business needs to take a new turn. For example, in this blog post we did on our new logo and website, we discuss how we are still The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting ™. Our branding just needed an upgrade to better serve and connect online.

3. Hosting

The platform you choose to host your business with is sort of like picking a primary care physician. You want to be sure this secure web server has your back no matter and not only serves you as a professional cloud hosting platform, but the company serves your business as genuine, expert humans.

Spending a ton of time calling customer service, having this breakdown on your business, and having that just magically stop working, is not only a hassle, but a true inconvenience. It also wastes time that you don’t have to waste.

You have a website to upkeep! Upgrading your hosting platform can save you ample amount of time and an increasingly amount of energy that can be placed elsewhere in your business.

At Liquid Web™, they understand that your website is your business. It’s your livelihood and it’s where you create and connect with your audience. Their dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, WordPress management and more, make sure that your site is not only running properly, but smoothly and conveniently for your business. Most importantly, they are always upgrading their systems to make sure you have the most efficient hosting services in place.

They’re officially inviting you to come and have a chat with them about your hosting needs. Scheduling your consultation is super easy and could change the entire way you do business.

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