4 Free Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages

Among the largest and most popular social networking sites today, the website which has the highest active members are no doubt Facebook and Twitter. But when it comes to using social media as part of your internet marketing strategy, Twitter comes out bigger.

Social media is the best platform to engage and reach out to your audience. It can exponentially increase the number of your website’s traffic and therefore increase sales for your company.

When it comes to engaging your followers in Twitter, some people strongly object the use of automated direct message as part of social media campaign. This is largely because automated messages are less personal and lack the sincerity of a real human being.

But do you really need to disregard automated elements just because of this reason? The truth is that automated direct message can be a great tool to make your Twitter profile look updated and kept in sync with all your activities.

Twitter automation tools can be a great means to improve your social marketing style. But you must realize that these tools should merely be used to supplement your primary strategies and not to make it as your only tool to reach your followers. When used properly, automated direct messaging tools can deliver great results.

When you finally decided to use automated elements in your Twitter account, you can choose one from these four most useful tools to send Automated Direct Messages.

1. Social Oomph

This is one of the most popular tools in sending automated direct messages. Of course, it is always nice to greet all your friends with a personal touch but how can you do that if you have already made a tremendous amount of followers? This is very time consuming and impractical. Besides, you are really not sure if your followers are really use by a person or is just another bot. Thus, it is will be useless to greet a follower with your personal touch when all this time that follower is not human.

By the way, Social Oomph is not free anymore and you have to pay for it; mainly because of its growing popularity and usefulness. Of course, there are pros and cons when using automated direct messaging but it really depends on how you use it. If you have used automated direct messaging correctly, you can make your new followers feel welcomed and they will most likely be open for communication. But in case you have done this incorrectly, your new follower may sense that you sent him an automated DM and this may cause negative impact to the relationship.

2. TwitterDMer

This tool is very simple to use and very ideal for people who might want to work as fast as possible. Some other tools may be better than TwitterDMer but they might be too hard to use. You can simply compose your direct message then choose whom you want to send it to. That’s how simple it is.

3. TwitterMassDM

This tool maybe has the greatest ability to send messages en masse. In addition to this, the message you can deliver is not restricted to just thank you or welcome note. But it can be used to promote your new products and services.

4. TweetManager

There are many features that come with TweetManager aside from purely sending message. Of course, it allows you to send direct messages in bulk but it can also enable you to follow a user or to reply to them automatically, schedule when your tweets or messages will be posted, and many others. Even though it is packed with so many features, it is still user-friendly.
These are just some of the best automated direct message tools available today. I am sure that there are other tools as well but the tools mentioned above will suffice for now.

Just a few reminders though. When sending automated direct messages, never ever try to sell or promote something to your followers. Putting too many links and asking them to sign up to your mailing list are another means to send away your new followers. That can be a total turn-off. Another point to remember is that you should focus on your followers and not what you can get from them.

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