4 Helpful Writing Tips to Boost Student’s Instagram

In as much Instagram is a visual platform, writing on the platform is very important to engage your followers. Your audience should not only find your content visually appealing but also insightful to engage with. At times, a weak caption can deter engagements from a beautiful and high-quality image.

We have compiled these Instagram tips to help you get started on a journey to win over more user engagements. Thriving on social media requires new strategies to always impress your followers and grow your following. One of the best ways to boost your account is by ensuring that you are conveying a clear message in your caption.

1. Write freely, edit everything

The best kind of writing on a social media platform is honest and reflects exactly what the image represents to you. Remember, users are probably scrolling through hundreds of images with a similar interest to you and you need to engage them in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Furthermore, well-written content allows you to stand out in your niche, so you also have to use the right hashtags. Typically, before hitting the post button, you would thoroughly edit your work 3 or 4 times to ensure that it reads coherently.

Reading the text allowed also assists in improving your writing skills, and ensuring that the sentence structure is correct. Because Instagram works on algorithms, it is important to be specific when writing to ensure that your content appears in the relevant searches.

2. Share useful insights

Do not make a habit of wasting your user’s time by posting a long paragraph with little meaning. This is why it is important to improve your writing skills.

With 2200 characters, you need to do your best to write something that is impactful and leads users to click the ‘more’ button. The ‘more’ button is the gateway engaging your users, so make sure that your first few words are captivating.

Your audience will only be convinced to read further if they feel they might benefit from a post. People love information and learning a fact they can randomly share at a dinner party or with a friend. You should maintain this consistency throughout your posts to ensure that users know to expect the unexpected from your account.

Depending on the theme of your account, you may find that there are ways of using Instagram for students education. Because Instagram is primarily an image-based platform, many users feel that text does not matter, but it does and text with insightful information gives more value and meaning to your page.

3. Include a call to action

A call to action (CTA) is one of the most powerful aspects of posting on social media. Gaining engagements rely on what you tell the user to do next.

It may sound a little complicated, but as you work to grow your Instagram account, you can get thesis help by top writers from the best service packages for students offered by online services. The writing services can also help you with other assignment work for college essays, dissertation and term papers.

As great as your content might be, you might miss out on engagement because your user has little to do after reading your posts. One of the most popular CTAs is leading the user to your website by directing them to the ‘link in bio.’

4. Known how and when to use tags, geotags, and hashtags

There is nothing more annoying than being tagged in a picture that has very little to do with you, or a hashtag that is misleading. Hashtags, for instance, are designed to make your posts more discoverable when a user is searching for something they need and they can boost Instagram followers.

If your profile is public, it also allows you to be visible to people who do not follow you. That being said, some people use irrelevant hashtags and their posts show up in irrelevant searches, so it is important to understand the hashtags associated with your niche.

Besides, never tag people. It is tempting because, in that way, they get to see your post but maybe irritated if it is something they have no interest in. This can actually discredit your brand in one way or another.


Boosting your Instagram account will take a while, but the aim is to remain consistent in your content in terms of quality and the frequency of posting. When you choose to post once or twice a week, it is important to remind users that you are around.

Once you establish a rapport with your followers, users will actually look for your profile to see what you are up to. Instagram is one of the best platforms to use and it works together with other social networks.

Author Bio:

Emma Rundle is a freelance online marketing specialist and content writer working with startups and small businesses to help them scale new heights with her digital marketing expertise. She also works as an academic writer doing assignments for college and university level students. In her free time, she practices yoga, reads autobiographies and learns pottery.

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