4 Ways Google AdWords Grows Your Business Faster

Google rules the internet world. Every business has to work with Google to make its online presence. Every digital marketer uses Google AdWords as a part of their strategy. Here I have shared four ways Google AdWords benefits your business more than any other practice.


More Effective than SEO

The most common way is to create a website and use SEO techniques until your site ranks. But SEO is a time-consuming practice which requires patience and doesn’t guarantee results. You get organic traffic on your website through SEO, which is a cheap way. Most of this organic traffic is redirected to only top results. The problem is Google only ranks the site that it trusts.

It takes a lot of time and investment to gain that trust. On top of that, your competitors are also doing the same things to rank in one of the top positions. Google AdWords allows your result to appear even above the first position no matter how difficult the keyword or large its search volume. According to WordStream, search ads have an average Click through Rate of 1.91%.


Best for Remarketing

It’s no secret that internet marketing allows you to target a specific audience which is relevant to your business. The objective of targeted marketing is to get more leads with the least investment. Digital marketers identify the audience attributes like their age, gender, area to reach them. Google AdWords has further added a unique remarketing feature in it.

It allows you to target an audience that has already visited your website and performed specific actions. A person that has once seen your website is more likely to purchase from you. It’s like they were window shopping first, and now you are inviting them again. You can further limit your ads to people who visited or didn’t visit specific pages of your website.


Understand User Actions after Clicking the Ad

There is no feature in Google AdWords that allows you to see what a user did after clicking an ad. However, you can do it using Google Analytics. Studying the user’s behavior with your ad and site will help you improve your marketing efforts. Google Analytics will tell you:

  • The bounce rate of your website
  • How long did the visitor stay?
  • How many pages did he visit?
  • Was it a new or returning visitor?
  • How many times has he visited your site?


If you see that many users didn’t stay for long, it is safe to assume that there is an issue with the landing page that needs to be resolved. Instead of trying to run these ads yourself, you should acquire the services of a well-reputed digital marketing agency like Loganix. They will know how to acquire and utilize all user data to create campaigns that bring the best return on investment.


Fast Brand Awareness

Even if you don’t get a good click-through rate, Google AdWords plays a significant role in spreading your brand. All of your audience gets to see your ad and your business name on it. Every business has to create a big name in order to make its place in the market. People buy brands even if they can get better quality at lower prices elsewhere. Moreover, customers always return to a brand.

Even if you provided the best quality and rate to a customer, he might still not return you are not a big or familiar name. Internet users have trust issues. They are more hesitant the first time they purchase something from a website. With Google AdWords, you can help your potential customers trust you.

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