5 Benefits of Professional Link-Building Services for Your Business

How important is link building for a business? Studies show that about 76% of prospective customers first check you out online before visiting in person or making a purchase. And when it comes to them being able to find you, content and backlinks are the two significant factors determining your Google search ranking and web visibility.

But link building is a challenging process even for seasoned marketers. Many admit that they need help with this aspect of their SEO strategy. Plus, it can get complicated quickly for new companies still working on building brand awareness. This explains why over 60% of businesses choose to outsource it to professionals. Should you do the same? This article will dive deeper into this question and discover the benefits of using a link-building service.

What Are the Benefits of Link Building?

Today, almost half of all businesses with an online presence spend around $1000-$5000 on link building monthly. If you are trying to create or increase your brand awareness, the first step to consider is investing in high-quality links. They can improve your domain ratings. When relevant pages on the internet link to you, it impacts your trust rank and helps secure your credibility as an authority in your niche. This affects your site ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Besides, it presents the perfect opportunity for collaborating with industry leaders. The more relevant links you have from diverse sources, the wider your audience reach gets. And the best way to reap this benefit of link building comes from using white-hat backlink services like linksmanagement.com. Do this to gain more traffic from your position on the result pages and other websites. The visibility boost gives you higher chances for lead generation and conversion.  

Can You Do Link-Building Yourself?

Link building can be tedious. You can do it yourself, but it will take time, effort, and know-how to make it work. For one, you have to understand the latest Google link policies. Then find the relevant sites in your niche and do outreach, which can take a while. But that’s not the end because you still need to create and promote the content. It is also quite easy to get frustrated when you do not see results quickly. 

But the most challenging aspect of building links yourself is that it can be pretty nuanced. There are so many steps and rules. This increases your chances of missing something and hurting your search ranking. If you collaborate with a spammy site, for example, Google can think you are trying to manipulate rankings and penalize you. This explains why many businesses choose to use reputable link-building services instead.

What Does an SEO Link-Building Agency Do?

An SEO link-building agency can help you save time and money while delivering tangible results. Up to 65% of marketers think link building is the most challenging part of SEO. But this doesn’t have to be you. Think of it this way. A professional link builder already understands the difference between search engine-approved and bad links. Also, they already have the connections and tools to do better outreach and get more positive outcomes.

A good SEO link-building agency will only use white-hat practices to help your site build an impressive backlinks profile. They take their time to carefully select relevant pages that your audience frequents and then collaborate with them to link back to you. There are bad and good agencies, so do your research before choosing one. Failure to do so will be like pouring your money down the drain. 

Benefits of Professional Link Building

There are several advantages to going with professional link-building services. Some of these include:

Faster Results

Seeing results from your link-building steps can take months or even years. This is assuming you know what you are doing. Many factors can influence how quickly you can benefit from all that effort. But, a professional white-hat link-building service can double your results in a much shorter period. This is because most agencies have experts with access to the best modern-day software and link-building tools.

Ready-Made Selection of Trusted Websites

One of the most problematic aspects of link building is outreach. Many people starting out find that building relationships with website owners can get draining. You may spend time researching the right pages and drafting outreach messages only to receive rejection emails.  Using an SEO link-building agency is far easier and less stressful. They already have a portfolio of websites that accept backlinks and guest posts in every niche, so you don’t have to contact them and risk getting rejected or ghosted.

No Need to Pay for Mistakes

If you embark on doing your link building without any knowledge of SEO, chances are that you will make mistakes sooner rather than later. Such slip-ups can cost money and time. For example, several websites encourage businesses to submit guest posts for backlink opportunities. This looks innocuous but may likely be a spam site. They can flood your page with sudden traffic, triggering the search algorithm to blacklist your webpage. It will cost money to fix such mistakes and rebuild your rankings. But a specialist will be able to spot the danger right away. 

Also, when people do their link-building themselves, they may ignore aspects of SEO, like using anchor texts correctly. The problem with not diversifying anchor texts is that this can diminish your search rank. Thus, any money invested in content creation will just be a waste. But when you hire professional marketing agencies that also handle SEO, they already know what steps to take because they do it daily.

Comprehensive Strategy

When you engage an agency, you are not just getting a team but also a comprehensive strategy that works. Most have spent years learning what works and what doesn’t. They have perfected the best practices and understand how to maximize the process for the best possible outcome. For instance, they know how Google algorithm updates affect paid link placements and the best white-hat practices to get better results. With an agency, you don’t have to keep trying different approaches to find one that suits your needs.

Significant Ranking Boost

Link building is mainly about quality. You can get thousands of links and still not rank top in search results. But a professional link-building service knows how to use high-quality links from relevant websites to improve and boost your domain ratings while building up your brand as an authority. High-quality backlinks can push you to the #1 spot on the Google results page. This will cause the traffic to your website to increase, thereby impacting your revenue.


Your SEO strategy’s performance and effectiveness depend on your links’ quality. And link building services can be a valuable part of a successful marketing strategy for every business. The benefits are many and worth every penny invested if you do everything according to the best practices. The increased credibility and traffic boost will create a perfect opportunity to increase your sales and profits.

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