5 Best 3d Typography Tutorials (photoshop & Adobe Illustrator)

The two most popular photo editing suites in our history are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They can almost do anything with photos to create stunning and impressive images. One thing that might interests you is 3D typography since it can be a very great way to display texts within a design. But before you go buy an expensive 3D application, consider Photoshop and Illustrator first.

We all have faced the big question “How” to exactly perform 3D typography in these suites. It is very interesting to note that you can find many 3D typography tutorials out there and all you have to do is to search for them.

Admittedly, you may find this search as time-consuming rather than helpful since there are many available choices. If you want to find something interesting that you can turn into your next project or you simply want to get inspiration from, let me give you 5 best typography tutorials found on the Internet.

1. Photo Manipulation with 3D Text

Photo Manipulation with 3D Text

This is a tutorial that focuses on blending a text against its background. You will be taught on how to realistically insert a 3D image onto a genuine live picture. This tutorial can be done through Photoshop or Illustrator. At the end of the tutorial, you will learn the basics of photo manipulation and how to add elements on a real photo as genuine as possible.

2. Flaming Meteor Effect

Flaming Meteor Effect

In this tutorial, you will be taken to different steps on how to transform a 3D text into a meteor falling from the sky. The text is set on fire as it falls down from the space or the atmosphere. The tutorial is a combination of the use of Illustrator and Photoshop. So you have to switch back and forth between these two photo editing suites.

3. Playful Robust 3D Typography


This tutorial is reserved for advanced “beginners” who have a strong background with the use of Illustrator. The focus of this tutorial is to create and manipulate 3D text with the additional use of depth-of-field.

4. Extreme Lighting Added to 3D Text


2D text will be transformed into a 3D text. Realistic lights and effects are then added. The image itself will be created through Illustrator and after that, Photoshop will be used to add extra flavor and the finishing touches.

5. 3D Flowery Text Effects

3D Flowery Text Effects

This tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to take their design skills into a whole new level. You will be taught how to present a 2D element and turn it into 3D. The text will further be furnished with brushes available in Photoshop. Just follow the steps provided and you will end up exactly with the same final result illustrated in the tutorial.

There you have it. All these tutorials are really fascinating will certainly help you develop your skills. After you have successfully gone through each of these tutorials, you can use what you learn to create your next project. I’m sure you’ll gain better perspective and inspiration in creating new and unique design.

There are still other great 3D typography tutorials out there. If you have more helpful tutorials about 3D typography or you know some of them, please feel free to share them below.

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