5 best techniques for broken link building

If you are practicing SEO for a while, you’ll exactly know the feeling when you roll out emails asking for backlinks. After sending you just sit back and cross your fingers, expecting the linker to accept your content. But there are also links building services which can help you in attaining high-quality backlinks. This way you don’t have to worry about the responses of the linkers. But if you’re not availing any such link building service then you certainly want a smart solution to this problem. Well, you have known the solution for a long time but haven’t realized its importance till yet. The solution to it is a “broken link building technique.”

This technique will require smart researching. There are several techniques you can utilize to make the most out of broken link building technique. We have formed this article to educate you all with the best of the broken link building techniques. Well, let’s dig into it without any further delay.

1. Broken link building through expired domains:

Leveraging expired domains is one of the most unused but effective link building technique to accelerate your SEO’s performance. First question here is that how expired domain can be of benefit to you? Well, basically an expired domain is of no use but it becomes valuable when it has the following three things:

  • Optimized anchor texts (quality backlinks)
  • The domain is relevant to your niche
  • The domain hasn’t been optimized by spammy techniques

This may seem simple, but it’s challenging to find such domains. You can find expired domains using Expiredomain, GoDaddy, Flippa, and Freshdrop.

Search for the domains related to your niche for example: If you deal with insurance you can search with keywords like car insurance, health insurance etc. For starters inspect 10 to 20 domains and check the above-mentioned factors. Sort the selected domains according to their domain ratings. Now after researching a valuable expired domain all you have to do is buy the selected domain and set the DNS name to your site. This is how you have gained a strong backlink from an expired domain.

2. Wikipedia Broken link building Technique:

We all know Wikipedia is the largest and most defined database for every important thing happened in this world. It contains detailed information about everything. It is impossible to not see Wikipedia among the top 10 search result against any searched term. Finding broken links in Wikipedia can be hard but can prove to be very useful for your website.

Though finding broken links in Wikipedia is tough but we have a solution to it too. Wikipedia also has its own page which shows all the dead pages on the platform.

Or you can simply find them by using the following search query.

Site:Wikipedia.org”keyword” intext: ”dead link”

You can also utilize Wikigrabber to find broken links in Wikipedia. Replacing that broken link with your own link can gain you a strong backlink which can extract great traffic juice for your website.

3. Revamp the outdated content:

Revamping the outdated content is another effective link building technique. Find yourself high authority websites which contain outdated data. The outdated data can utilize new facts and figures and new researches according to the niche. This not only benefits you in gaining a strong backlink whereas it is also beneficial for the linker. You’re doing their work for them just for a backlink. So it’s a win-win situation for both of the parties involved.

You can find outdated content by typing a keyword into the google search bar. Click on the tools and click “all” select the “custom range” and search for the old data. It can be three years old or thirteen years old, totally depends on you. Find yourself the content which has room for improvement or has dead links. Approach to the webmaster and ask them to renew their content for them in exchange for a backlink. And trust me no one refuses free labor.

4. Second level Deep Broken link building technique:

I guess till now you have a fair idea how can you find broken links to a particular website. But this is just not it, you can find decent authoritative sites if you dig a little deeper. Wondering how? Don’t worry we have got you covered on this one too.

Add the URL you have found into Ahref’s site explorer and search. You’ll see a number of referring domains to that URL. See if the authority of the website is good enough or not. Click on the backlinks and find the broken links on those websites. By clicking on backlinks you can find the lost links very easily. After finding the lost link, click it and check where it leads you. And you will find the link which can be replaced with yours. Repeat the procedure for some other website too.

5. Moving link method:

As you know google keyword tool has been changed to Google Keyword Planner. But still, if we search about Google keyword tool we find only Google keyword planner. There are tons of other domains which works fine but are outdated for some reason. In this technique, you need to find the outdated links. The technique is quite similar to Outdated Content Hunting. There are several articles out there that refer to some old domain.

Moving link method also provides great opportunities for link building. You can also utilize search queries to find the non-existent websites which can be replaced. Also, type “rebranded as” in Google News and you’ll find several sites which have been rebranded to some other domain. Companies like to announce about the changes happening whether they are significant or not. For instance, SEOmoz changed its name to Moz. Pay attention to such news to use them to your benefit.

I hope the article has been of great help to you. These are few of the best, broken link building techniques. The techniques mentioned above will require effort and time but will get you quality backlinks for your platform. Leave your comment if you have any query.


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