5 Character Traits Of A True Entrepreneur

So, you have decided to find a way to escape the uncompromising drudgery and soul-destroying grind of the daily rate race. Being an entrepreneur is your ticket out of the soulless and unambitious corporate box. You have the passion, drive, and ideas to propel you to Godlike status in the eyes of the mere mortals you once called teammates and colleagues.

While you have the preparation almost sorted, you are missing that little push or subtle guidance necessary to take you to the next level. So what do you do? Well, like most of us these days, you come to the internet, cap in hand, begging for answers. Whether it is how to lose belly fat in days, or to compare long term care insurance costs by age, there is an abundance of information we can use to our advantage.

That being said, it is only natural to assume that we can get all the answers we need regarding what it takes to be an entrepreneur from our laptop or mobile device with ease. Look in the right places, and this information will promise that – with some careful consideration of trite assumptions, hackneyed methods, and grossly tactless directions – you don’t even have to work to become successful. These “magic tips” will have you earning millions of dollars every month, and driving a Bugatti down Sunset Boulevard faster than you can say “I believe”.

Obvious sarcasm aside there is simply no tried and tested method for helping you achieve financial independence. Getting your startup or business idea off the ground requires more than incorporating a few lazy “tips” into your daily regime. It will require a level of commitment and dedication which you are unlikely to have been granted at birth.

Despite there being no particular handbook written on how to be a successful entrepreneur, there are traits and characteristics shared between some of the greatest self-starters and pioneers in recent times. Let’s take a look at what these common features are, and explain the importance of each of component to our desires of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Passion, passion and more passion

The key to achieving anything in life is having the passion behind you to see it through. Passion is to an entrepreneur what gasoline is to a race car. Without 100% commitment to what you are doing, you can expect to gradually lose focus, interest, and the support of those with an interest in witnessing your success.

Without passion, you will likely relegate the importance of your chosen endeavor to a spot of lesser importance than other things. Without passion, you are simply a participant, rather than a wildly-driven entrepreneur destined for greatness.

A thirst for information and a desire to learn

The greatest minds in the world were more often than not sparked by the greatness or admiration for another person. The greatest musicians to have ever walked the face of the earth were typically students of the standout composers and performers which superseded them. Growing up absorbing this kind of quality is effectively a learning process, as much as it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Entrepreneurs generally have the same philosophy. A genuine thirst for knowledge and an appetite for information enables those with ideas to understand the established rules prior to breaking them, so to speak. We never stop learning, and entrepreneurs are among the most passionate advocates of this particular philosophy of life.

Drive that does not quit

Failure is not an option to any bonafide entrepreneur. If we imagine life as a long road never before traveled – and an entrepreneur as a vehicle reliant on gasoline – there is generally little concern or time spent staring at the dashboard in an effort to judge how much fuel we have left. The mindset is to keep going, as further down the line, there will be a gas station. If not, the option is to get that car running on cola, leaves and branches or anything around us at the time. If that doesn’t work, we thumb our way there.

This drive is essential to becoming your own person. Break the rules, refuse to entertain the concept that things cannot be done. Hit out at any weakness or principle which aims to stop you in your path. Drive is the fulcrum to creation, and is among the chief synonyms of success, even as we approach retirement.

Confidence and conviction

This is your idea, your brainchild, your vision. If you don’t have the confidence or belief in turning that vision into a tangible success, who in their right mind is going to think any differently. You, as the entrepreneur, are responsible for pushing your idea, business, or brand to the consciousness of others.

Much like the concept of primitive man bashing away with stones, perhaps at the complete ignorance of those around him until he created the spark which became the fire and then the flame, it is the tenacity and confidence in his (or her) efforts which created fire. From there on out, that person became the most studied individual of the pack, due to their capacity in making magic happen.

The ability to create and execute a plan

There are certain things in life which seem to happen accidentally, or without intention. These freak occurrences – when it comes to truly revolutionizing and changing the way we live and act as humans – are seldom. For the entrepreneur, nothing is left merely to chance. Yes, we can open our minds up to embrace the random, or incorporate unexpected results into our methodology, but the plan is key.

The entrepreneur’s plan is effectively a skeleton to build on. It is the guidance and structure from which we make things happen. From the plan comes the action, and the action yields positive results. The headless chicken approach is not going to fly for the astute minds among us, as this level of uncertainty and arbitrary approach rarely delivers the results a successful person can later be proud of.

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