5 excellent arguments for human translation services for businesses

Many arguments for human translators exist though the world is becoming digital. Here are the top reasons to hire human experts for your business.

Have you ever experienced difficulties with understanding of Amazon or eBay product descriptions? The point is some sellers prefer using free online translators like Google Translate instead of hiring professional online translation services. They think that they save money this way and attract more customers. In fact, it is all vice versa. The client often get disappointed as the goods they receive do not correspond to their expectations, and it makes them claim money back. As a result, it is a waste of time and nerves for both sides. That is only one example of how auto-translators can ruin one’s reputation online. No matter how hard they try to replace human translators with converting software, professionals who can speak several languages fluently are still in high demand. Here we will discuss why human translation is still alive and demanded.

Word for Word Translation Is Never a Good Idea

There is no way to translate the word’s definition without its context. In every language, words with multiple interpretations exist, and they make “word-to-word” translation senseless and useless.

The example could be the word “tie.” If we treat it is a noun, it is an item of male wardrobe that men wear around their neck. Usually, they put on ties for official events or office job. However, if we consider this word as a verb, it means an act of joining a couple of objects together with the help of the knot. Those who do not tie their shoelaces risk falling and injuring. An auto-translator may pick only one of those definitions. It all depends on the context, but, often, programs provide a wrong interpretation. It is difficult for CAT instruments to deduce the context. Only human translators from professional services like translate.com will know which version is the correct one.

You Save More in the Long Run

Yes, you may think that using free or cheap online tools for translation is the best way to cut costs. In a short-run, it may be this way, but do not expect a return on investment (RoI) without this investment. If you turn to human experts, they will guarantee a high RoI in the long run. Most will probably agree that insulting emails or tricky descriptions of services scare off users. A language barrier may prevent one from becoming a company’s client even if the product is great. Another issue is the potential price of retracting a marketing campaign that misinterpreted the branding. Human translators alone can spare these cases.

If you still vote for machines, think about how much time and money it would cost to proofread and edit the texts converted by them. It may even require extra personnel to hire as the existing staff already has things to do. If you decide to work on revisions, it will distract you from the core business activities, and, as a result, making profits.

People Are Sensitive to Cultural Aspects

A machine does not consider cultural, religious, political, or economic aspects when converting texts. It does not care about censorship and sensitive topics, as well. That is why you may face insulting messages on the web. In most cases, people are not there to hurt one’s feelings, but some businesses are just too greedy to spend some money on the professional translation provided by a human expert. That is when they fail.

Except for bling translation, localization is required. It is like optimizing a website to make people from different regions of the world understand how they can benefit from using goods or services offered by the product. Only human translators know how to speak to clients worldwide without any confusing or even legal issues.

The mere translation can lead to adverse consequences, even on a legal level. The main message should be interpreted, taking into account the cultural aspects as well as religion and customs and traditions of the target audience. A site translated with the help of a program will lack dynamic and interaction with the customer. A good website needs a customer capturing pitch to sell. Improperly converted call-to-actions (CTAs) won’t work as well. The truth is no software or app can understand what makes human beings tick. They also have no ideas of taboos, so human translators will help the company to avoid unpleasant situations.


Except for proper translation and usage of the right idioms and slang words, if needed, human translators can add more. It is better to hire translators who are marketing experts as well so that they can breathe a new life into your product or service. Knowing what is hot in the target region, they may add just a few words from themselves to make services more demanded. No machine is able to generate creative ideas. You may use online tools to collect keywords, but it is better to leave the rest of the job to the talented translators and copywriters.

How About Areas of Expertise?

In many industries, knowledge of the field matters. A machine is developed only to translate the text. It is not an expert in a certain industry. Such spheres as law, vehicles, healthcare & nursing, and more require human translators more than others. With a single training session or few, it is possible to “equip” your human translators with the skills and background necessary for better translations.

Few Last Words as a Summary

Cooperating with a qualified translator who can also serve as a professional copywriter, researcher, and marketing specialist will help to provide the top-quality translation as well as conquer new regions with the help of effective localization. Human translators guarantee:

  • Creative approach to writing;
  • Sensitivity to the cultural aspects;
  • In-depth expertise of the required languages;
  • Knowledge of local jokes, slang, idioms, etc.;
  • Value of customers from different countries.

These skills make it possible to expand the business globally in the shortest period of time. Human translation services also guarantee a favorable return on investment in the long run. Human translators will also prevent your business from certain risks and help to enter new markets.

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