5 Macbook Pro Mockups And Psds For Your Projects

A mockup, in designing and technology, is a fake graphic platform that lets you put things into it to the test, especially if it is a new graphic design project for a certain platform such as a mobile phone, printed materials or other gadgets. The process is like this: you design something and to test your design, you will need the shape of the actual platform. For example, if you are designing a mobile app or mobile website, then you will need the layout and platform of the target mobile phone model, not just for your work, but also for showcasing your work (either if you have a boss or would like to showcase it to your web portfolio). In this article, we are going to show you 5 great mockups for a Macbook Pro, with PSD (Photoshop) files.

List of Macbook Pro Mockups and PSDs

Here is the list of the macbook pro mockups for your resources:

MacBook Pro Retina Mockup

Here is a mockup that has high resolution (300dpi) and it fully-scalable for your designing needs. It almost seems like a perfect replica of it, with its vector shapes and smooth graphic designs.

MacBook Pro Mockups by Dmitry Kovalenko

This collection has 15 views and lossless images which are resizable. Each view is fully-detailed up to the ports and hubs on the side. The design feel is quite clean and sharp at the same time.

MacBook Pro Retina Mockup with Thunderbolt Port

This is a set of 6 high-res mockups of the MacBook Pro. All the views are classy and superb, which are perfect for your designing needs. It has 2880 x 1800 screens at 300 dpi as well.

Macbook Pro Mockup by CAAMALGTS

Here is a much more customized Macbook Pro mockup design, but has less views compared to the ones above.

Vectorized Macbook Pro Mockup

Here is another vectorized Macbook Pro mockup for you to use on your projects.


Using mockups is an easy way to let your creativity flow and make sure that your content and concepts fit in with your designing platform, and will let your audience be thrilled by your designs!

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