5 Savvy Ways For Success At Your Next Trade Event

You have built your business with passion and want to promote it. What can be better than organizing an excellent display at a trade show for growing your business and increasing awareness surrounding your product or service? Now that you have toiled for weeks and poured every ounce of your energy into organizing your trade show booth display, the next step is to get those customers to see it. A lonely booth is a heart-breaking sight, isn’t it? Read on to find out more about how to get a decent footfall to your labor of love at any event.

Use Existing Connections

Your business has already led you to make connections, and now is the best time to use them. Take this opportunity to interact with them by sending them a friendly email giving them directions on where they can find your trade show booth in case they are attending the same event. Apart from the feedback that you will get from this valuable source, do note that many attend trade shows often accompanied by colleagues or friends who could be valuable prospective customers for your business.

Use Technology

Word of mouth, as reliable as it is, is not always sufficient on its own to draw people towards your booth at events, where customers can easily get confused as well as distracted. Using interactive displays like touchscreens, tablets, or kiosks to showcase your strengths, features, and testimonials is one of the best ways to engage visitors. You can also benefit greatly from white label geofencing marketing, which allows you to reach attendees with personalized ads based on their location, piquing their interest and increasing the chances of attendance and engagement. By setting up geofences around the venue, you can even send important updates as well.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium for promoting your presence at a trade event and can be a great tool for your kitty. Use it to research your competition before the event and see what people have done in the past. Also, knowing the culture of the trade event you are attending will enable you to make appropriate choices on where to utilize your funds. You can set up social media posts to go on air during the trade event itself, which will enable you to focus on your visitors. Using your social media to build up curiosity and excitement before the event will also increase the chances of more people registering your booth in their minds and of them stopping by. Harness the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor.

Have Customers Relax

Trade events can often be overwhelming, busy, and exhausting places to be in. Offering a free beverage or giving visitors the opportunity to charge their phones or devices is a tried and tested way of getting traffic to your booth. The idea is to maximize accessibility but also provide a point of comfort. The layout and physical design, if not accommodating, can put off visitors altogether. Use the space you have to the best of its potential to display your services while keeping free space to engage with your visitors. Have a few items of furniture where tired customers can rest while you speak to them. Too much of it can prove an impediment to business, though, so be careful.


In the end, trade shows are all about numbers and results. The number of people visiting your booth itself is considered a sign that your product and vision have a certain appeal to them. The larger the number of visitors, the more likely you are to gather leads and referrals. The prospects of the horizontal spread of your business increase greatly, and you can look forward to making more connections and more profit. Remember to use your experience and knowledge as a template to get the best out of your next event!

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