5 Service Page Design Tips That Will Secure More Sales For Your Small Business

A service page is where you explain, in detail, what you do and the services you can provide to customers. If you are able to design this page well, it can have a huge impact on the number of sales you make.

If you want to have an effective website for your small business, you need to get this right. 

So in this guide, I am going to give you 5 great design tips that you can implement on your service pages to secure even more sales for your business. Read on to learn more. 

Move people through your sales funnel with a strong call-to-action

A lot of small business owners make the mistake of not including a strong call-to-action (CTA) on their service pages, but they can be very powerful for generating sales. 

A call-to-action is a prompt that lets people know what action to take on your website. It’s very important to include them because they act as a guide for visitors who might not be sure of the next steps to take when they land on your website.

If you want to incorporate a strong CTA into the design of your service page, try to make sure it’s displayed on a bright and bold button and choose the positioning wisely so people are bound to see it. You should also make it short but strong and use convincing verbs that will motivate visitors to take immediate action. 

To ensure you are creating effective CTAs, Brand Glow Up has a great guide that can give you more clarity on how to design call-to-action buttons that boost conversions. 

Prove your worth with social proof 

Social proof is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use to promote your business online. Word-of-mouth recommendations are very powerful. So, when you’re designing your service pages, it’s important that you dedicate a section to showing what past customers think of you.

You can do this by displaying reviews or testimonials on your service page. You could also add a “featured on” section to show any notable websites where you’ve been recognized for your work. 

When showing social proof on your service pages, you could create a section in the middle of your page where you include customer reviews on a sliding carousel. Placing this in the middle of the page ensures that prospects can see it while scrolling to learn more.

If you can, also include the headshots and names of your customers giving the testimonials as this will reinforce the fact that these reviews are from actual clients who have done business with your brand. 

Use imagery that will make your customers feel something 

Emotive imagery can be very effective for pushing people towards a sale, so you should focus on finding images that can make your customers feel something when they look at your page.

There are different ways businesses can use emotive imagery on their service pages. For instance, a party-planning company could use excitement-inspiring imagery so prospective customers start to imagine what their celebration could be like if they hired the company in question. Or, a carpet cleaning company could use imagery of a white carpet covered in red wine to show that they are aware this kind of accident can be very annoying, but they know how to fix it. 

For more practical examples, let’s take a look at how some companies have used emotive imagery to design their service pages. 

Our first example comes from Gina Corena & Associates, a law firm specializing in various practice areas like personal injury, medical malpractice, or accidents. On their service page for car accident lawyers in Las Vegas, they use the image of a crashed car to show prospective customers that they understand how stressful it is to be in this situation.

This is a technique that can trigger a reaction in prospects so they contact the company to find out more about how the firm can help them to get the justice they deserve after experiencing something so traumatic. And this, in turn, should secure more clients for the law firm.

On the other hand, take a look at how Guardian Home Care uses the image of a nurse taking care of an elderly patient on their service page. This visual helps prospective clients to imagine how well their elderly loved ones will be treated by the staff of this organization.

It’s a great way to get people to trust their brand and it will help them attract even more patients who see the image and just know the company treats all of its clients with love and respect. Choosing to get home care help for yourself or a loved one can be difficult, but comforting imagery like this will reassure people that Guardian Home Care has everyone’s best interests at heart. 

If you also want to use emotive imagery on your service pages, ensure you use original photos of real people or real-life situations, as they’ll be the most relatable. And don’t forget to optimize your website images to get the most out of them. 

Make it easy for customers to contact you from your service page

A lot of people who land on a business’s service page will have questions and concerns. So, to secure as many sales as possible, you need to make it easy for prospective customers to get in touch for more information.

You can make this very easy with the design of your service page. For instance,  you could add a contact form, highlight your phone number, or provide a live messaging service that lets people talk to a company representative. This helps to give leads the information they need and can also help you close more sales. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of companies that are providing contact options for their customers directly on their service pages. 

My Visa Source is an immigration law firm in Vancouver and they do a fantastic job of giving people various contact options directly on their service pages. For instance, on their Vancouver office page, they include phone numbers, a contact form, and they also have a live chat feature so people can get in touch about their services. 

The contact form is very helpful in that it lets people select what country they reside in, the type of immigration case they have, and their present situation. This is great because it allows the company to get a bit of background information before a consultation call. And that lets them offer more tailored options, which can help to secure more clients for the business. 

And here’s an example from TUNE, a platform that helps businesses perform effective partner marketing. To make it very easy for prospects, on their service page, they have various contact options like a contact form and a live chat messaging service that’s on hand to answer any queries people might have. 

These options make it super simple for potential customers to use the communication channel that’s most convenient for them to ask for more information regarding the company’s services. And, when people are able to get timely answers to their concerns or queries, it’ll make it much easier for them to make up their mind and make a purchase.

If you need some extra inspiration, here is a post from Brand Glow Up that contains 15 captivating examples of contact form designs for you to look through.

Outline your USPs above the fold 

A unique selling point (USP) is a feature that your product or service has, which makes it more appealing than other products in your industry. And, when we say “above the fold,” this means placing information on the upper side of your webpage where it can easily be seen without scrolling. 

It’s very important to highlight all of your USPs (and the benefits you can offer) above the fold of your webpage so people don’t need to scroll down the page before seeing the information that can get them hooked. 

To outline your USPs effectively, try to place them in the middle of the top half of your web page. You can also highlight the words in a bright color that contrasts with your page’s background.

When designing your website, you should highlight your business’s USPs and benefits before even mentioning the price and features. When people see the kind of benefits that they’ll get from using your products, they’ll be more motivated to check out the kind of financial commitment needed.


It’s no secret that web design plays an important role in helping businesses make more sales. So, if you want to make sure your site is better optimized, you need to put more thought into designing your service pages.

You can do this with the tips outlined in this guide. By using strong CTAs, emotive imagery, social proof, and multiple contact options, you’ll be able to get started on designing the kind of service page that will help you increase sales for your business. 

And, if you’d rather outsource your service page designs, you can contact Brand Glow Up, a full-service digital marketing company that provides marketing and web design services guaranteed to improve your website and boost your sales. 

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