5 top cloud website builders for web developers

Freelancers and web studios creating custom made websites don’t feel comfortable nowadays.

With such an impressive variety of web creation tools and services, organizing the ideal ecosystem of cooperation with customers is not that difficult.

The fewer complicated elements are involved into the process, the better the result is.

Unfortunately, the tasks of a web developer don’t come down to creating a website with regard to the technical requirements of a client only. Much effort is needed to communicate with clients and service the readymade products afterwards.

If you have lots of projects to be created, then it is you, who are initially interested in helping clients manage their readymade websites after they are developed.

Generally, people, who order custom made websites, are far from understanding the nuances of the web design process. Otherwise, they could handle the projects on their own.

This is what makes the choice of the proper web building platform crucial. The simpler and more understandable it is, the fewer phone calls, primitive questions, complaints and other suchlike problems you will encounter.

An ideal option is to have user-friendly and simple website builders for each type of project at hand to provide the clients with short tutorials on the major web building nuances. This will simplify the management of a website after its completion. You will keep working on your projects, while the clients will be satisfied with your job. This really sounds great.

Your clients will be able to upload fresh content, change design elements, add new pages and do other things they need. And what really matters is that they won’t disturb you.

How is it possible to reach this goal? You obviously have your favorite CMS and feel comfortable and confident when working with it. But what about users, who will have to cope with websites that come with complicated dashboards, dozens of integrated plugins and scripts? The answer is simple – they will have the urge to get in touch with you each time they face problems, because they won’t have any desire or ability to cope with these problems on their own.

Apart from that, users ordering such websites, will have to pay for the hosting and its management, cope with accounts and handle lots of other related problems. It’s easy to entangle yourself in such a variety of to-do things. This is how the project completion becomes a complex multi-level quest. How is it possible to optimize the process, minimizing the investment of effort and time? The use of cloud website builders proves to be the best solution to the problem.

The benefits you get with such an approach are obvious: the web development process will become quicker, the servicing will get simpler, while the clients will avail a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard they will be able to manage on their own after a short training period. The technical support of the service chosen will work for your benefit as well, reacting to the clients’ questions on time. Thus, you will get the profit without having to bother about these nuances.

We have compiled a list of featured cloud website builders, which work great when it comes to the development of client websites: uKit, Site123, Webydo, Bookmark and Weebly. By using them, you will be able to realize the majority of client inquiries without any special problems, providing them with high quality readymade websites. Although, there are lots of different website builder reviews over the Web, we still want to take a point at each of these systems now.

1. uKit

This is the project that is rapidly developing nowadays. It is a nice choice to create promo websites, small online stores, landing pages and portfolio websites. It comes with a rich selection of templates and reliable technical support. The dashboard is convenient and functional. The cost of the website builder is affordable as well (it constitutes $36/year with a promo code).

The speed of website development is one of the highest in uKit. You can get a full-featured project in a few days only. The WYSIWYG editor makes it possible for you and your clients to change the design and content of web pages without any effort. Website design is responsive and modern. The website builder allows for the effective SEO management by setting up the statistics collection system, calculating the cost of products and services, setting up music streamers, designing appealing charts etc.

You can also create small online stores by making use of the integrated widget or by means of setting up a popular and powerful Ecwid plugin. A convenient backup creation option, which allows creating backups with one click only, matters a lot as well. You or your client can go back to the previous website version, if something goes wrong. That’s a surefire way to avoid the mistakes.

uKit is updated on a regular basis and ensures nice tech support. By working with it, you and your clients will feel safe. This is a promising and profitable choice. It works great when creating business websites of any specialization.

2. SITE123

It offers 15 localization options. It’s worth mentioning that the pricing policy is optimized for each language region here. The website builder is used to create promo sites, blogs, landing pages and online stores. The templates are responsive, appealing and easy to set up.

SITE123 is a module-based website builder. It comes with a user-friendly visual editor. Your clients will surely be satisfied with the simplicity and functionality of the system. This is one of the most affordable and convenient website builders.

Creation of decent client business websites and blogs is what you can succeed at with SITE123. It’s not that great, however, when it comes to landing pages and online stores because of their functionality nuances. However, in some cases, the use of SITE123 for these purposes can be appropriate as well – your clients will easily master all the features of the website builder.

3. Webydo

This is a great service for all those users, who like creating impressive website designs from scratch. The visual editor is similar to Photoshop in terms of options and settings presentation. You can create stunning landing pages, promo websites, personal sites and online stores.

It goes without saying that this tool is far more complicated as compared to other systems. Its major benefits include bundle pricing plans and powerful website customization options. You can design a large number of websites for one price only. Having purchased a base plan for $204/year, for example, you can create up to 10 client websites and add 1 team member, who has access to the projects. It’s quite easy to calculate that the cost of building one website will constitute around $30, including hosting. That’s very cheap, indeed.

Webydo caters to the needs of web developers, designers and web studios. You can choose any pricing plan to meet your order bulk requirements and make your projects profitable. The only disadvantage of the system is that newbies (your clients) will find it difficult to manage and edit their websites. The dashboard is convenient here, but the website editor is meant for more experienced web designers. It’s easy to change the titles or images here, but it takes effort and time to modify the structure or add other elements. You need skills and taste to do that.

By using Webydo, you can offer your clients stunning and appealing projects as well as an opportunity to manage their businesses with the assistance of the professional team working for the service. This is a specialized system for website developers. You cannot use it to create one website only (the system even doesn’t have such a plan). All in all, Webydo has everything a web designer needs.

4. CrateJoy

If you’re looking for actionable resources, great support, or an all-in-one platform to help launch your subscription business, Cratejoy has the tools and expertise to get your business and website off the ground. No coding experience necessary.

Cratejoy is the only all-in-one subscription box platform where you can build and host your website, manage recurring revenue, and sell your products. Included in Cratejoy’s platform fee is a simple website designer with customizable templates tailored for subscription commerce and optimized for mobile. Cratejoy’s team has worked with thousands of subscription boxes, so every theme implements best practices to help you earn more money. Up to 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and Cratejoy’s templates use modern responsive design practices.

Cratejoy’s dashboard and built in analytics allow quick insights into your business’s performance and optimization. They have you covered with revenue data, customer insights, traffic sources and more.

4. Bookmark

This is another nice and simple website builder with a WYSIWYG editor. It comes with a stylish and appealing interface as well as an impressive, although, limited template gallery. The designs are subdivided into 2 types: for single- and multi-page websites. You have to be attentive when making your choice, because you can’t change the template afterwards.

The service works well when designing promo websites and landing pages. The online store creation option is available here as well, but the eCommerce functionality leaves much to be desired here (just like in the rest of suchlike services). It can be used to develop an appealing product display list, but it lacks features to develop more serious projects.

Bookmark is a nice middle-class website builder. The major advantage of the service, which makes it stand out from the crowd, is the structure and design of the dashboard. Your clients will appreciate the result. Everything looks modern, stylish and decent. The system is easy to use, so, the customers will hardly face problems when managing their websites.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a nice solution from all the points of view: its functionality will make it possible to reveal your creative abilities, while a convenient dashboard allows your clients to manage their websites without any problems at all. The cost of the website builder is also affordable.

A rich choice of creative templates with powerful customization options, widgets and applications that can be installed from a brand store of the service, allows for the creation of bright and appealing promo websites, landing pages, blogs and even online stores.

Weebly is rightfully considered one of the best website builders in the world. And it’s also one of the most popular, flexible and powerful services, which steadily keeps developing.

By using it, you can realize all the preferences of all your clients regarding the design and functionality of their websites. This may be the best choice for you and your clients. Take your time to explore this website builder or just look at weebly website examples, if you haven’t done that yet.

Bottom Line

Rapid development of the web building niche eventually results in the client base growth. People keep phoning you, place their inquiries and demand your time. How is it possible to change a title, logo, add an article or a slider? Such questions become more and more annoying. However, you have to answer them, explaining the same things over and over again, irrespective of your job engagement. There is no other way out – these are your clients and you have to make them satisfied. Thus, you are bound to communicate with them well in order to keep the completed projects working in a variety of ways.

It’s not easy to manage a large number of client websites as well. There are myriads of problems your clients may encounter, including hosting, domain name prolongation, account problems and what not. Maintaining control of all the processes at a time seems to be much more convenient.

By using website builders, you won’t have to monitor the aspects mentioned above. You just create a website and entrust the management nuances to the client, who will further receive notifications regarding hosting and domain payment terms. You won’t be bothered by similar questions over and over again: all website builders come with tech support and detailed FAQ. These features will work for your benefit as well.

Another notable advantage of using website builders is an opportunity to get engaged into affiliate programs. Many services will pay you for having the plans at new accounts. Apart from paying for the readymade websites, you will get the affiliate payments of the general cost of a plan. This is a pleasant bonus and you don’t have to do something special to get it. Just do what you have used to and the result will come in due time. Take your time to learn all the nuances of affiliate programs offered by the services applying for them. This is a nice incentive and an important reason to choose a service. Anyway, no one will refuse from the passive income and you won’t get such an opportunity from a CMS.

The viability of using website builders is obvious. Any system of those discussed above works great when it comes to the development of client websites. Your work will become even more profitable, simple and effective, especially in terms of cooperation with your clients. Everyone will eventually be satisfied.

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