6 Amazing Iphone 5 Psd Mockup Templates

Collecting mockup templates in PSD files for iPhone 5 is a great way to give you an opportunity to improve your own design.

These templates allow you to show what you can offer to your future users. They won’t only show the design’s image of the real device on Apple store but they’ll also showcase the different functionalities of your idea. Whether you’ll be using them for wallpapers, icons or apps, they’re great tools to help you get started.

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The templates listed below are free. They’re super cool free PSD mockup templates for iPhone 5. You may obtain them for personal use or commercial purposes. They aren’t only well-designed, but they also have professional looks.

They’ve simple structure appropriate for iPhone 5. They’re also great in creating landing pages, sliders or website designs, which can be perfectly viewed on an iPhone 5.

In here, you’ll find 6 beautiful iPhone 5 PSD mockup templates. The designs are fully layered and free to download. Before you put them to your own design, however, you’ll need to study their license terms and agreements. Meantime, please enjoy these templates that were highly rated by actual users.

1. iPhone 5 PSD Vector Mockup

 iPhone 5 PSD Vector Mockup

This impressive design is a fully scalable vector shape iPhone 5 PSD mockup template. The smart layers were created to make it easier for you in designing an app. It also includes very detailed front view of the new black and white iPhone 5.

2. Apple iPhone 5 Vectorized Mockup by Thom Van Der Weerd

Apple iPhone 5 Vectorized Mockup by Thom Van Der Weerd

This is another awesome design for the newly elongated, thinner body of iPhone 5. Just like the number 1 template on this list, it’s a fully vectorized mockup.

3. 3D Realistic iPhone 5 Model

3D Realistic iPhone 5 Model

With this fully customizable template, you can import your own images for the background. It includes 500 angles packed in transparent PNG file for each version of iPhone 5. The resolution of the rendered images can be increased through its settings. But modifying it will also affect its rendering time.

4. iPhone 5 Characteristic Angle by John

iPhone 5 Characteristic Angle by John

This mockup template can be used to display regular side views. Its screen is editable for your own template design.

5. iPhone Template Smart Object Mockup by Ran Shenberger

iPhone Template Smart Object Mockup by Ran Shenberger

By using this mockup template, you can copy and paste your own screenshot on the same perspective as this design. It’s for personal use. If you’ll use it commercially, then you must read its terms and conditions.

6. Apple iPhone 5 .PSD

Apple iPhone 5 .PSD

This package is in high, medium and low resolutions. It’s also highly detailed that can be fully edited.

The list of iPhone 5 PSD mockup templates is still growing. Each template in the package features elements and components that you need for your project. Using these templates allows you to simply concentrate on your own designs knowing that the result can be achieved in a few seconds. The only time you’ll need to focus on is in preparing your presentation for your design.

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