6 Of The Best Free Ipad Psd Mockup Templates

Mockup templates are beneficial in avoiding your own designs to be ultra boring. Creating a template or an app for iPad 5 can be a bit tricky. It’s sometimes difficult to visualize what the final design will look like once it’s done.

Pretty sure, you’ll never want to create an app with a very unattractive icon. You may redesign it but it’ll be rather expensive.

Plus, you might lose the client who’s requesting the app.

With the help of these mockup templates, you can use them to make it easier for your clients to visualize of what the app’s design will be like.

And if you don’t have an expertise in designing an app, then you’ll be glad to know that you can create a pretty app out of these templates. These templates include elements and components that you can utilize to easily build your app or your own template.

These PSD templates will either provide your client the closest example of the app or will assist you in creating beautiful set of apps or themes for your own brand. They’re easy to customize to fit your own design.

1. iPad Retina Mockup Template

 iPad Retina Mockup Template

Pixeden is known for providing its audience not just free graphic, design and web tools but it also offers premium resources. Most of its crafted resources are elegant and beautifully created. Case in point is this template. It’s a completely scalable vector shape Retina PSD for iPad. Both the black and white versions have smart layers. It has been downloaded for more than 40,000 times. It comes in 4 files and packed in 3.4 MB size.

2. iPad Flat Mockups PSD

 iPad Flat Mockups PSD

This is another freebie from Pixeden. It’s a mockup inspired flat design that utilizes smart layers. You can customize it according to your own flat design. It has versions for both the black and white iPad. The package includes 5 files.

3. White Angle PSD by Joe Mortell

White Angle PSD by Joe Mortell

It’s a great template for you to get started on your first UI design project. It’s not yet available for the device’s mini version but you can grab it now for free. This simple and clean design is available in a 9MB PSD file.

4. PSD iPad Perspective Mockup

PSD iPad Perspective Mockup

Pixeden is truly one of the best places you can hang out when looking for an inspiration for your app or web designing project. This mockup is a detailed and fully customizable vector shape PSD for iPad. With this fantastic resource, your client can see how his/her website would like when viewed on an iPad. It’ll also assist you in showing your app to your audience. When using this mockup, you can just drag and drop your own design and you’re done in a few minutes.

5. iPad Mini Vector

iPad Mini Vector

It’s for the iPad Mini. This is designed for graphic and web designers who want to mockup their UI creations. Through its smart objects, you can add your own screenshots. This mockup template was created using Adobe Photoshop CS and designed by Tony Thomas.



It’s another great resource that you can obtain especially if you’re working on a graphic designing project that must be presented in 3D. It’s packed in high resolution with 2400 x 3500 pixels and 300DPI.

The templates presented here aren’t only useful for iPad but you can also use them for smartphones. Although they’re free to download, you’ll need to give credits to the designers.

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