6 Facebook Timeline Covers That Comes In Psd File (free & Premium)

Through the years, Facebook has made dramatic changes on its interface and one of the major changes that took place is called the Timeline. Together with Timeline is the Facebook cover photo at the top of your page.

The impressiveness and look of your profile is exponentially affected by your cover photo. It speaks volumes about you without even talking.

How you present your cover photo is one amazing opportunity to show your friends – or even the world – who you are and what you are up to.

So, cover photos play a vital role in introducing yourself. Oftentimes, when you choose the wrong facebook cover, it can cause a wrong impression to other people. So cover photos can either make you or break you.

They can also be an instrument to promote your products and services if you are a business oriented person. With the right cover, you can send your message across your target market and convert it to sales.

Now, if you finally tried to be serious with your cover photo, there are many free or premium Facebook timeline covers that you can find all over the Internet. Sometimes, with the many choices presented to you, instead of being helpful, you become confused and wish that someone would just point you to the right cover photos.

With these in mind, we gathered 6 Facebook cover photos and not just ordinary photos but those that come in PSD file. All you have to do is download the template and edit the photo using Photoshop! It’s really a simple task and yet comes with very powerful results.

1. Facebook Cover Templates VOL 1 by Graphicriver.net ($4)

Facebook Timeline Cover

This collection contains three Facebook timeline that will truly make your Timeline unique and stunning. All of the three cover photos are full layered with gorgeous designs. Its size is compliant with Facebook’s cover photo size measuring 850px by 315px, making your cover photo a perfect fit without the blurring that comes with poor resolution.

2. Cover-4 for Photographers ($2)

Facebook Timeline Cover

This cover photo is smart, sleek, glamorous, and chic! It is the ultimate picture collection put into one cover photo. High quality is its main feature that seems to be designed in a portfolio type. So if you have multiple great photos, you should use this cover which is very easy to edit and customize. It has free font used and a size of 1700px by 630px.

3. FB Timeline Cover Spring ($3)

Facebook Timeline Cover

Preparing or bracing for spring? Then, grab this cover photo and let your Timeline change along with the season. It is very upbeat, green, and environmental friendly look. The cover comes with color coded folders, editable texts and photos, and a size of 315px by 851px.

4. Puzzle Design Facebook Cover (free)

Puzzle Facebook Timeline Cover

The need for the right cover photo for expressing yourself as a photographer is truly addressed with this cover. It is free and the template’s pictures and texts can easily be changed. Creative and artistic people will surely be happy with this cover photo.

5. 11 Facebook Covers ($6)

11 Facebook Covers

This collection comes with 11 covers that you can choose from. All of them are of high quality and layered with an image size of 850px by 315px. The cover is organized very well and makes it very easy to edit in case you want to change some aspects.

6. Chalk Black Board Timeline Cover (free)

Vintage Facebook Timeline Cover

If you’re looking for free cover, then you should check this out. It’s perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, and artistic people to showcase what they can offer for their client. You don’t have to worry about editing the cover as it is fully saved in PSD file.

So there you have it; 6 amazing timeline covers that will enhance the feel and look of your profile. Invest some time and effort in changing your cover photo to make it more impressive and stunning as well.

If you have more cover photos in mind or you want to suggest a link to our readers, feel free to leave a comment below.

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