6 Tips to Help Prepare for an International Flight

Whether a seasoned globetrotter or a complete novice, international travel preparation can be confusing and stressful. In addition to planning what to pack, transportation details, ensuring your bag meets weight limits, and other logistical issues, you must also determine how to proceed once you arrive. Will you have to haul your luggage around until it’s time to check into your hotel or Airbnb? Luckily, there are convenient options when it comes to luggage storage abroad, such as the Pisa luggage storage in Italy. Whether you are going abroad temporarily or permanently, here are six tips to prepare you for your international trip.

1. Check Your Documents

You need to ensure certain documents are in order before booking your flight. In order to travel internationally, you need an up-to-date passport. It is important that your passport has enough pages to accommodate visa stamps. Some countries require a half page or more for their stamp, while others only require a quarter page. This should not be a problem if it’s your first trip abroad since you’ll have a brand-new passport with plenty of blank pages. After your passport is in order, it’s time to check on your visas. Tourist visas are available on arrival in many countries for U.S. passport holders. Although some destinations require you to apply ahead of time and charge fees. Verify the visa requirements for your final destination and complete any paperwork you might need.

2. Choose Your Accommodations Carefully

Now that you have your flights booked, it’s time to find a place to stay. If possible, choose to lodge near the city center so you can easily walk to attractions. A perk is that many popular destinations offer luggage storage, like the Pisa luggage storage in Italy. When you arrive, you can start exploring immediately without having to wait to check into your hotel or Airbnb. In addition, luggage storage can be utilized while waiting for a flight on your way home.

3. Consider the Unconventional Essentials

Whether you’re a light or heavy packer, there are some essentials everyone should have. Having a digital luggage scale can help track how much your checked luggage weighs. This is useful, especially when you’re returning home with all your souvenirs. Fortunately, there is no weight limit on luggage when taking advantage of a luggage storage service such as Pisa luggage storage.

4. Pack Right For the Flight

The day has come for your journey, and you’ve arrived at the airport with your luggage. In most cases, you will be able to check two bags on an international flight. However, some destinations only offer one. Make sure you check with your airline about how many pieces of luggage you are allowed to bring. When traveling, pack any liquids or creams over three ounces in your checked bags, but keep your passport and important travel documents on you. Pack your carry-on bag with any medications you need, a warm outfit, a travel pillow, and an empty water bottle to fill up when you arrive at the airport. (Security at airports will require you to throw away any full bottles.) Keep a toothbrush and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag in case your luggage doesn’t arrive. Depending on your travel insurance, checked luggage, as well as carry-on luggage, may be covered.

5. Make Sure Your Credit Card Company is Aware

Imagine you’ve finally arrived at your destination and started making purchases with your credit card, only to have it declined. It is possible that this could be done for your own protection without your knowledge. Foreign transactions are taken seriously by credit card companies. It is their goal to prevent unauthorized use of your account. If your credit card company doesn’t know you’re the one suddenly making these foreign transactions, they could suspend your account. Fortunately, many services like Pisa luggage storage offer 24-hour customer service, so they can assist you with any issues. Just make sure before you head out on your trip, you let your credit card company know when and where you will be traveling. It will save you a lot of trouble on the road if you call beforehand and let them know.

6. Befriend the Clock

It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your international flight departs. Along with normal security, travelers who travel internationally must pass through customs and immigration. This process takes time. In the event of a long line, you don’t want to miss your flight. Allow yourself the pleasure of getting through the lines early so you can kick back, enjoy some free wifi, and grab a snack like some pretzels or meat sticks. Remember, no matter what time you are arriving or departing your destination, luggage storage services like Pisa luggage storage can offer a safe place for you to store luggage, enabling you to stay mobile and stress-free during your travels.


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