6 Useful (and Free) Html5 Online Tools

HTML5, as we all know, focuses more on dynamic content rather than just static or old-fashioned web designs. In the age of the Internet today, we know that users are more attracted to sites and features that involve user-friendly graphic designs and much more dynamic content. In this article, we breakdown the top 6 best and free HTML5 online tools for your designing needs.

1. Video.js

Video.js is a free tool that lets web designers and developers add their own videos to the website. Simply put, it is a video player with a sleek design that fits the standards of HTML5. The setup is easy – just go to the website, download the source code and read the documentation for the steps on how to put it into your website.

2. Modernizr

Modernizr is a helpful tool if you are working with websites and web content that must be a cross-browser (meaning can be viewable in any browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.) site. It is a JavaScript library which gives you basic implementations of HTML5 and which ones to use on a specific browser. It’s quite new but it has a lot of promising effects and functions. Strictly speaking, developers and designers who work on HTML5 sites more often need this tool.

3. Liveweave

Liveweave is an online code-testing tool for HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. It has a good autocomplete feature and has already received good reviews from coders. If you want to save time in getting a code to work, Liveweave is a good place to test it out without having to wait too much and without much hassle, since it has a developer-friendly environment.

4. LimeJS

LimeJS is for the game developers. It is an HTML5 game framework that supports desktop browsers and even touch-screen devices. If you look at the website, there are already a bunch of mini games that have been created with LimeJS, so why not give it a try?

5. HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart is one of the handiest HTML5 tools developers use today. It has jQuery, CSS and HTML5 tools, especially if you are only starting out on developing a website. It also has a bunch of presets and templates which you can use, as well as other miscellaneous graphic forms like images, galleries, menus and the like with a sleek design. Simply put, it is a time-saver for any HTML5 website project.

6. CreateM

If you are working on CMS (Content Management Systems), then this is the tool for you. Create.js offers HTML5-powered content editing and management and is very flexible.


HTML5 is going strong today, and soon it will take over every single desktop browser that there is. So if you’re just starting out on HTML5, it’s never too late – choose from these free handpicked tools!

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