7 Free Coffee Ring Photoshop Brushes

Sometimes, the mess we leave behind can suddenly become a form of art, and that is the exact case when we talk about coffee, tea, milk or any liquid spills that we leave behind on our table.

Coffee rings are stains that a cup of coffee leaves behind and a lot of designers find this a great advantage and excellent design for their works. Anyone can use it on a great vintage design for anything – website, blog layout, posters, flyers, or anything that needs a vintage touch.

If you are in need of coffee ring designs on your work, we are going to serve you some hot and free coffee ring brushes for you to download and use.

List of Free Coffee Ring Photoshop Brushes

Here are 7 free and awesome coffee ring brushes:

1. Coffee Rings: Photoshop Brush Pack by Jacob Gube


This set contains 9 coffee ring brushes with high resolutions of about 500 to 100px each. The coffee stains range from light to dark and from thick stains or rings to thin. The size of the brush is 1.00 MB. The good news is that they can be used for both personal and commercial use without problems, but cannot be redistributed as your own.

2. Morning Coffee – PS Brush by photoshopranger


This is another excellent set of 10 coffee ring brushes, ranging from 200 to 700px in resolution and at 461 KB because it was build with PS6 and should work with a lot of Photoshop versions. Nonetheless, an image pack is also included for non-Photoshop users.

3. CoffeeHappens RELOADED by env1ro


This large and high-quality set of coffee ring brushes are at 18.9 MB in size, containing mostly 2500px brushes and are compatible with PS7 and above. It is made up of not just coffee rings but also coffee stains, spills and the like, so you can enjoy your coffee designing pleasure.

4. Cup Stains Photoshop Brushes by photoshoptutorials


This huge set contains 90+ coffee cup stains and rings which are at high resolution, with different stain thickness and spill variation. It works on PS7 and almost every Photoshop version and can be used without giving credits.

5. Coffee Stains by Leech-ed


This set has 20 coffee rings and stain brushes which also includes spills and the like. The brushes range from 700px to 1800px with different variations of coffee rings (e.g. full circle, unfinished circle, and others). The stains can also be made to look like blood splatters or other liquid.

6. Coffee Brushes by aloa


This set of brushes has 7 coffee stains and rings, ranging from light stains to dark rings. It has a total of 32,700 downloads from the site. Its brushes’ sizes or resolutions range from 400 to 700px. The one thing that is unique about this brush set is that some of the coffee ring stains are double rings, unlike most coffee stain brushes which only feature single stain rings.

7. 52 Tea or Coffee Brushes by Annualize


Here is a set of coffee stain brushes in sharp, solid vector form, containing 52 brushes of different variations. It was made on PS CS3, and is a good find if you are looking for a vector coffee ring instead of vintage or semi-transparent ones. The only downside is that the brushes only range from 100 to 200px in resolution, but nonetheless, the details are sharp.


Searching for and downloading free brushes is an easy task, just make sure that you have higher versions of Photoshop installed, because some brushes opt for higher versions to work. In that case, you can use vector images and custom shapes instead of brushes. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy these free and awesome coffee ring brushes!

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