7 Free Vintage Photoshop Brushes That You Will Surely Love

There are different brushes that you can use when utilizing Photoshop and one of these is the vintage brushes. Reliving the past can be very exciting and sentimental at the same time. When it comes to design, vintage brushes serve as a reminder of what used to be in your family, community, country, and even in this world.

Looking back, designers during the 60s, 70s, and 80s don’t have the right technology to create their design and yet there is no doubt that they’ve made a very good job in spite of the inadequacy. But today, with special photo editing software like Photoshop, it’s not hard to realize even the most complex and imaginative design possible.

In this article, I gathered 7 free vintage Photoshop brushes that you can enjoy. Though there many others, the items mentioned here will give you good start when it comes to using vintage brushes. Of course, though these brushes are free, you must be careful to use them according to the author’s wishes. Give credit to whoever credit is due, alright? So here are the 7 free vintage Photoshop brushes that you will surely love!

1. Antique postcard brushes

It contains six brushes; all are antique and old-styled postcards. You’ll surely like the crumbled brownish paper of this brush together with some monochromatic pictures. Though postcards are really not popular today as it is during the 19th century, with this brush you can again revisit those glorious days.

2. Elements

There are five brushes that you can choose from in this set. The brushes include intricate and detailed design. The general feel of the brush is elegance with a classy and chic look.

3. Old Sign

Signs reminiscence of the 60s and 70s can bring back memories. These brushes are definitely a must-have for vintage lovers. It contains 10 types of brushes that you can choose from.

4. Antique furniture

If you need antique furniture in your design then you don’t want to miss this brush set. It contains 20 antique furniture photos which include megaphone, old chest, vintage chair, dresser, cup, fruit crate, book, jewelry box, key, and many others.

5. Vintage paper brushes

Vintage paper brush is made with high resolution images. You can easily use this brush as part of your background design and other purposes if you intend to achieve a retro, faded, vintage look. Each brush is made with 2.5 megapixels. There are 18 brushes that you can choose from. The vintage paper brush is absolutely free and you can use it for your personal or business purposes. Only, you should redirect people to its original page in case they want to download the brush set by their selves.

6. Maps

This brush is very helpful when it comes to adding maps in your design. The crisp and crumbled look of the map give the brush its classy and impressive appearance. There are 14 high resolution map images that you can find in this collection.

7. Vintage Moths

Containing 13 sets of moths, you have a wide range of choices. When done downloading, you are free to use the brush in anyway you like as long as you do not go against the author’s will. The moths will surely add classier elements in your overall design.

These are the seven wonderful vintage brushes that will surely take you back to the past and the best part is that these brushes are absolutely free.

I am sure you have other brushes in your mind so please free to mention them in your comment below.

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