7 Marketing Tips for Your Veteran-Owned Business


Marketing is important for any kind of company; however, veteran-owned companies face unique obstacles, such as finding mentors or acquiring the necessary funds to run the business. As a veteran business owner, you may have useful experience and abilities, but it may help to get help regarding other aspects of running and growing your business, such as developing effective marketing strategies.

Well, this write-up provides crucial tips to promote your company effectively. With smart approaches, you can highlight your veteran status, build connections, and increase visibility. Let’s discover some specialized marketing suggestions for veteran business owners.

1. Leverage Your Veteran Status

Your military service background gives your business instant credibility that you should take full advantage of in your marketing and messaging. Be sure to prominently share details of your service history on your company website to highlight your veteran status. Also, use it appropriately in any print or digital promotions to set your business apart.

When pitching to potential clients or partners, briefly mentioning your veteran background can help quickly establish trust and respect. However, avoid overusing your veteran status too much across communications, as you don’t want it to become a gimmick.

The key is making sure clients and customers are aware of your veteran roots and letting that organically build your reputation over time. Tastefully leveraging your veteran status and experience in this way can positively differentiate you in the business world.

2. Utilize Digital Platforms

Digital marketing is essential today, so have a professional website highlighting your veteran status and services, use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve rankings, post engaging social media content to build followers, and use email marketing to keep customers in the loop; tools like Google Ads also help connect with potential clients online. For specialized veteran SEO services, consider hiring a company that focuses on digital marketing for veteran businesses; their experienced team can significantly improve your online presence and visibility to help take your business to the next level.

Optimizing and advertising online, with expert help if needed, expands your access to new clients in today’s digital landscape.

3. Seek Professional Help

Beyond digital marketing, consider seeking help more broadly from marketing consultants or full-service agencies to augment your existing capabilities as a veteran business owner. Marketing professionals can bring strategy, experience, and bandwidth that you may currently lack. They can provide objective, outside perspectives on your business positioning, branding, advertising channels, and other marketing tactics.

Look for agencies or consultants that have specific experience with veteran-owned businesses to ensure they understand your unique needs and can effectively highlight your military background. Ask fellow veteran entrepreneurs and business owners for referrals to marketing pros they have used and would recommend. While there is a monetary investment involved, the long-term benefits of expert guidance and execution can pay dividends through stronger marketing results and faster business growth.

4. Engage with Veteran Networks

As a veteran business owner, make an effort to proactively engage with fellow veterans in business, both locally and virtually. Look for and join local meetup groups, industry associations, and online discussion forums that are veteran-focused.

These groups allow you to share suggestions and contacts, gain from various other veteran business owners who might be further along, and build friendships with those who share your military background. Attend veteran-specific networking occasions when feasible.

Connecting with the broader community offers mentorship, motivation, and assistance that can energize and encourage you to grow your company. It also naturally broadens your network and reaches new potential veteran consumers and companions.

5. Offer Veteran Discounts

Consider offering special discounts, promotions, or exclusive offers specifically to veteran customers as a way to show appreciation for their service and attract continued business. Promote any veteran discounts heavily on your website, social channels, and even in-store signage or displays.

This type of targeted incentive helps attract new veteran consumers and also improves loyalty and goodwill with military members already in your customer base. Just be sure any veteran discounts you offer still allow your business to profit—check your margins to set reasonable discounted price points. Discounts should be a show of genuine support, not a loss leader.

6. Attend Trade Shows and Networking Events

Industry conferences, trade shows, and local networking events are valuable opportunities to engage with prospects directly and promote your business in person. Have a strong pitch ready that quickly conveys your value proposition, services, and unique differentiators like your veteran status.

Go prepared with plenty of great marketing collateral like brochures, fliers, and business cards to efficiently introduce yourself and provide something memorable to new contacts. Collect business cards from other attendees you meet and take notes on meaningful conversations for prompt follow-up.

After events, reflect on what interactions and approaches worked well vs. not so well, and continually refine your talking points and promotion tactics. In-person selling is a skill like any other—the more you put yourself out there, the better you will become.

7. Collaborate with Other Businesses

Explore opportunities to collaborate strategically with complementary businesses through channels like local partnerships, corporate sponsorships, cross-promotions, affiliate programs, or co-marketing campaigns.

As a veteran-owned company, you may find specific opportunities to formally partner with military nonprofits, large military employers, or companies targeting the veteran segment. However, any alignments with vendors, industry peers, or non-competing businesses can potentially provide mutual benefit and broader collective reach.

The key is identifying initiatives where both parties gain increased exposure, trust, distribution, or customer base as an outcome of working together. Being open to creative business collaborations allows veteran entrepreneurs to punch above their weight class in terms of market impact and brand visibility relative to company size.


Applying specialized marketing approaches allows veteran-owned businesses to amplify their unique strengths. Highlight your military background while leveraging professional help, digital tools, networking, and strategic partnerships. Use these tips to boost your visibility so that you can serve more clients with the excellence instilled through your armed forces service. The future looks bright for veteran-owned businesses that embrace strong marketing. Onward!

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