8 Awesome And Free Ripped Border Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are much like ordinary and real-life brushes, except that they can take any shape that you want or need, much like a stamp. They can be modified to your preferences and is widely used in the field of graphic designing to make your artworks and layouts much more fluid, vibrant and relevant to your theme. There are hundreds to thousands of free Photoshop brushes on the internet for you to download, and in this article, we are going to give you some ripped border brushes.

List of Awesome and Free Ripped Border Photoshop Brushes

Here are 8 ripped border brushes for you to freely use on your projects or designs:

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2. Tears

Here is yet another PS ripped border brush that was made in Photoshop CS2. It has 11 in the set and are all high resolution.

3. Paper Edge Brush

Here is yet another ripped border brush that resembles torn paper. You can easily attach it to your Photoshop document to create a ripped border effect with 16 different brushes.

4. Pixelbaron’s Ripped Paper

This is a set of 12 torn and ripped paper edge brushes that are of high resolution. They are quite realistic as well.

5. Torn Edges by myjupitersar

This is a set of 9 ripped paper border brushes that come in three different sizes (500 px, 1000 px and 2000 px) and are mirrored so that the designs are balanced.

6. Formes Torn Paper by rcpp-sylvaine

This is a set of 25 torn paper or ripped border brushes free to use. The shapes can vary and can be used not just as a border but also as a background or for other purposes.

7. Photoshop Brushes – Large Brush

This is a set of large torn paper brushes with 800 px and above size. It was made in Photoshop 7 and also includes background brush textures as extras.

8. Torn Paper Set by noema-13

This torn paper brush should be especially used with gradients. It can be used not just as a border but also a background design.


Photoshop brushes are an ideal way of designing your graphical work and adding flavor and digital touch to your design, depending on the theme of your work or material. Ripped border and torn paper brushes are good for designing literary blogs, websites, flyers and other visual media. Enjoy these free and awesome ripped border or torn paper brushes!

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