8 Best Font Icon Generators Available Today

Icon fonts? Who needs them? Well, almost everyone who works with web design needs Icon fonts. These icons are very important when it comes to designing your page and making sure that you have all the essential buttons. Icon fonts are the easiest way to embed vector graphics and definitely the fastest way too. Thus, most web designers are now turning to Icon font generators to come up with a unique icon font.

There are different advantages that you can acquire from icon font generators. You see, the primary problem with icon font itself is the lost of control for the fonts you want to use. If you like a font from one set of icons but you do not like the rest of them, you will probably have a problem. You need to load hundred of fonts just to pick one font. This can be very inconvenient if not frustrating. Longer loading time can easily short fuse people. When you page load too long, people will hit the ‘x’ button and look for another website.

Thankfully, you have icon font generators as your new best friend when it comes to icon fonts. You will have more freedom in choosing which icon you will be using without the hassle of long loading time.

1. Fontastic

Fontastic can create icon fonts together with its code that you can use to embed in your page. Fontastic can help you create fonts based on different algorithms such as live feeds, sensors, and data. Fontastic is user-friendly and definitely a must generator for both expert and neophyte designers.

2. Font Custom

Font Custom is a fantastic font icon generator. It can create multiple font formats and works on different updated web browsers. In addition to this, Font Custom is bootstrap-ready to increase your flexibility in design. You can also resize your font icon depending upon your desire.

3. Fontello

Fontello is one of the best generators because it is so easy to use, slick, awesome, and simply amazing. Whatever it is you are looking for, you can find it fast and easy.

4. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is an online app that you can use anytime you want. To date, there are over 3800 free vector icons available in the website. I believe it has the largest collection of icon fonts. Whatever size you use, the icons will remain crisp since it is in vector format. It has CSS Sprites, fundamental Glyph editing, and many others. You can go for the premium membership to access more beautiful icons.

5. IconVault

IconVault is lightweight. You can use this fast and easy with just very short loading time. Basically, you need to upload a folder of your collected icons then make your own icon fonts. Its drag and drop function makes it even easier to use.

6. We Love Icon Fonts

This is a free web app that can also create icon fonts for your website. There are many sets and collections of icons which you can choose from.

7. Pictonic

Pictonic gives you three options as you use their service. The first thing you should do is create an account and sign up to their website. After that, you can use their free icons, buy one icon for $0.59, or have a lifetime unlimited use of all their icons for only $199.

8. Pictos Server

Pictos, at its core, is different from other icon font generators. While other font generators will let you download and use icons, the Pictos Server will serve as the host for your icons instead. It refers to its unique system as the “Typekit of icons”.

Each of these generators has unique features that you will certainly enjoy. You just need to weigh the pros and cons in each generator so you will have a better idea which of these suites will fit your need, preference, and budget.

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