8 Cool And Free Joomla Themes

Most websites nowadays are powered with Joomla, especially because of CMS (content management system) purposes, and in this article, we are going to give you 8 free and awesome themes.

Here is a list of the best free Joomla themes:

1. JA Elastica

JA Elastica is a modern, responsive and completely free theme for Joomla websites. It has a nice layout with cool colors and many columns. It was built on JAT3 2 Framework and jQuery Masonry script. It also has 4 menu options, supports all kinds of mobile browsers and even includes Google Fonts features. The theme is also very customizable (especially the content) and is a cross-browser theme. The theme is compatible with Joomla 2.5.

2. Leo Restro

Here is yet another responsive theme that has a modern design. It has an image slider, drop-down menu, hover effects on content, and an impressive but clean layout. It has 3 color schemes for you to choose from, along with other customization options, such as fonts, background and such. This layout is great for any sites, but preferably portfolio sites or tutorial sites.

3. JP Amard

This theme has a sleek design and is also a responsive theme. It has a black and mahogany theme that is perfect for portfolio or technology sites. It has a wide image slider and creatively-arranged content and is a cross-browser design as well. The colors and typography are excellent and very professional.

4. Puresite

Here is another clean and responsive theme for your Joomla website. It has a lot of plugins included for your site to be fully-functional and dynamic. Puresite is a great theme if you are managing a portfolio site or personal blog. The layout might be simple but it is customizable.

5. JoomlaDagen

This free theme for Joomla websites also uses Twitter Bootstrap and Google Fonts as well. The theme fits well for blogs of just about any category. It is built for Joomla 1.7 and is responsive as well. The layout is simple but great. It also supports Skeleton.

6. AS 002052

If you want a very elegant theme for your Joomla site, then this is the theme to pick. It has a very light color scheme and is perfect for sites of restaurants, fine dining and such. It has a nice image slider, custom section icons, custom social icons and a responsive design.

7. AS 002041 (Artisan)

Here is another responsive theme made by AS Designing. It is a great theme for any kind of site, but mostly for portfolio, web service sites, company sites, interior designing sites or blogs. It has a smooth interface and a nice drop-down menu. It has 7 variations for color schemes, Google Fonts, JGMap Google Map, 25 module positions and many other cool features.

8. CMS Blue

CMS Blue is an excellent theme for Joomla sites. It has a responsive design (and is also cross-browser), a blue-ish theme with a very light gray background and can be used for almost any kind of site. There are three columns and the layout is quite clean and organized.


Having a Joomla site can be easy if you have a great theme to customize it further, not just to gain more audience, but to also showcase your works and content much better. If you have not picked one yet, why not try the recommendations we have suggested above?

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