8 Flat Iphone 5 Mockups

iPhone 5 mockups are great in acquiring feedback from users during the early stage of the designing process. The users’ will aid the designer in enhancing the functionality and usability of the idea.

As a designer, you can use mockups to incite criticism from your soon-to-be users. You can change your design based on the users’ criticisms or feedback.

They’ll be your medium to discuss with you and the users about the things that must still be done and functions that must be removed. Their function will also help the members of your design team to discuss the possibilities of the idea you’re working on for iPhone 5.

Before creating an app for iPhone 5, for instance, you can use some of the flat designs mockups created by graphic designers across the web. With the flat designs available, the usability of your own design will be tested in the early development of the process making it expensive to modify later on.

Through flat designs mockups, you can easily fix your own design using simple tools.

To mockup an iPhone 5 app, you may use these 8 flat designs to help you get the most of your design layout.

1. Pixeden’s iPhone 5 Flat Design Mockup


It’s Pixeden’s offering of flat design mockup for iPhone. It has design for front, horizontal and 3D view. As it’s fully customizable, you can just drag and drop your own design to the smart objects.

2. Flat iPhone 4/5 Mockups by Josh Laincz


This nice flat design iPhone 5 mockup includes scalable and fully layered format and it has been downloaded more than 8,000 times. It’s also ideal for iPhone 4.

3. iOS 7 Lock Screen Concept by Kyle Adams


It’s Kyle’s concept of how iPhone5’s locker screen would look and feel like if it utilized minimal and flat user interface. Its clean design will be an amazing alteration to the current UI. The typeface is also nice.

4. Animated App Switcher Concept by Jesse Head


It’s a concept of iOS switcher that may improve the lack of multitasking in iPhone. This concept is a different design from the app switching mode that you use on your device. It can be categorized as app switching and/or multitasking. Its main goal is to allow apps to be semi-active when you’re not using them.

5. Simple iOS by Alex Iv


It may look like that of an Android phone but it’s a welcome change for iOS. It’s an amazing design for anyone who wants to have a somewhat flat design.

6. iOS 7 Home Concept by John Menard


This home concept is an overhaul of the current home design in iPhone 5. It has lesser number ofapps. The colored background for every app’s icon is just amazing.

7. Simple iOS Icons by Manu Gamero


It didn’t take away the look and feel of the current iOS but it did eliminate the glitter. Each icon has brighter colors. The dock is very simple that it only utilized a separate line.

8. iOS 7 by Pieter Goris


The best thing about this design is its keyboard, which is nice and subtle. What the author did is to come up with new design for the iOS messages window.

These flat designs iPhone 5 Mockups can be used for commercial or personal purposes. Although they’re not designed by the professional designers from Apple, they’re indeed very beautiful concepts. They’re especially created for individuals who want to see flatter designs for their iPhone 5.

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