8 Free Lomo Actions For Photoshop

Photoshop actions are automated sets of commands that are executed in a particular order to gain or achieve an effect on an image. Actions are usually used for fast photo editing and such, and are an alternative to downloading Photoshop Filters.

What is Lomography?

Lomography or lomo is an effect in photography that encloses the image in a soft and subtle dark border; sometimes black, to emphasize the subject. Some lomography techniques use black but some just darken the edges of a photo. Some even put frames over them. Majority of the filters that come with the iPhone and Android app Instagram use the lomo technique to give photos a more vintage look and to pour more flavor to it.

In this article, we will give you some free actions for Photoshop that generate lomo effect for your photography needs or just for fun customizing your own photos.

List of Free Lomo Actions for Photoshop

Here are 8 cool lomo actions for Photoshop:

1. Hard Lomo Action by blacklacestock

This set of PS actions generates lomo effects that can be used for model photography and such. It also filters your photo to give it a vintage or retro feel, much like Instagram filters. The filtered image looks a bit similar to the X-Pro filter on Instagram (has a blue-ish color scheme).

2. Movie Drama Effect Action by graphcoder

This lomo action in PS generates an effect that has low saturation (almost monochrome) for a very dramatic effect. It is also of high quality and has a lot of steps in order to achieve the action’s beautiful lomo effects.

3. Lomo-Cross Processing Action by efete-stock

This lomo PS action also has a cross-processing filter (blue-ish). It has two variations for the action set: Light tone and Dark tone. The light tone has an option for adjusting the curves and the dark town has an option to leave out the brightness and contrast.

4. Lomo Effect – PS.Actions – by photoshop-stock

This PS action was done in Photoshop 7. This has 6 different variations of the lomo effect and can be used together as well or experimented on to achieve your desired effect.

5. Lomography Action

This lomo PS action also has other customization options like adjusting contrast, sharpness and color. There are two actions: one for high-resolution photos and another one for low-res ones, since not all images are expected to be high-res all the time.

6. Lomocam – Lomo Effects + Polaroid Frame Generator by pstutorialsws

This set of lomo effects comes in two: free and premium. The free one still has a lot of effects though, such as frames, Polaroid actions, some Instagram filters and more. But if you liked the filter set, you can also get their premium version which has tons of vintage Instagram filters and effects.

7. Action 2 by ZeroComrade

This lomo PS action creates a warm feel with its lomo effect. It gives your image the impression of being a classic photo. It has a lot of steps to finish it, mostly steps that involve Blending Options and some adjustments to the Hue and Saturation of the photo.

8. lomonia by ashley-nash

Lomonia is a unique lomo action for Photoshop. It creates not only a lomo effect but also a cellophane effect with occasional red, blues and greens, giving your picture a unique lomo or vintage touch.


Photoshop Actions are helpful and are an alternative to filters. They can be used by photographers, digital editors or even just plain hobbyists or just for fun! Enjoy these free lomo filters and share it with your family and friends!

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