8 Free Shape Photoshop Brushes

Shape brushes come in all kinds and sorts of categories. But one thing is for sure about them – you never know when you need them! Of course, there are already dingbat fonts from Windows and even custom shapes from Photoshop, but a good old brush set wouldn’t hurt a bit if you are in a hurry adding designs to your work. Here are some free shape brushes for you to download and use.

List of Free Shape Photoshop Brushes

Here are 8 free and awesome shape brushes:

1. Hearts and Stars


This set is made up of cute stationery-like brushes that you can stamp on your cute designs. You can also use the scatter effect on them, especially for the star brushes, if you want to use them as a background design. These brushes work well with girly, vintage or scrapbook-like designs and layouts.

2. Dingbats Shapes Brushes by redheadstock


This is a large (made up of 31 brushes) and great brush set which were made on PS7 and works on all versions. They are made up of an assortment of geometrical and floral shapes which you can use on your designs, whether in tech or girly ones.

3. brushes: basic shapes by Mjag


This set contains 12 different basic shapes, which includes 4 squares, 3 circles, a plus sign, 2 triangles 2 stars and 1 round ribbon-like shape. , which all include outlined counterparts and variations. The shapes range from 700px to 900px at high quality. It was made with PS CS3 and will work for succeeding versions.

4. 142 HD Replacement Default Photoshop Brush Set


This is an HD counterpart to Photoshop’s low resolution default brushes. In this set, there are 142 large-resolution brushes that are quite similar to the default ones, so that when you need a bigger scale of these brushes, you will have no problem. There are new additional shapes and brushes as well.

5. Grunge Shapes PS 7.0 Brushes by KeepWaiting


For those who are looking for grunge brushes but want them to be on the cute side, here is a set of grunge brushes which includes 18 brushes of various designs: stars, skulls, stripes, bars and much more. It also includes an image pack for non-Photoshop users. It works on all PS versions.

6. Vector Designs Brushes by redheadstock


This is a fine collection of brushes for girly vector shapes which includes 32 brushes. These brushes have various shapes and designs such as flowers, brackets, frames, hearts, and others. It is useable for PS7 and above as well as PS Elements 2 and above.

7. Wing – San Brush by Kim (Faeth Design)


This is a set of 5 brushes mostly filled with cute designs such as a heart, a star, a moon with clouds and tiny wings and swirls. Their sizes range from 100px to 600px with super sharp image quality. These designs and shapes are perfect for scrapbooking, cute and girly designs.

8. Cute Happy Brushes by morfachas


This is a set of very cute brushes that mostly have smiley faces on them. It has a total of 42 brushes; however it doesn’t work on older versions and only works for PS CS4 and above. But don’t worry – there is an image pack included with the download, so you can import them as brushes manually.


Searching for and downloading free brushes is an easy task, just make sure that you have higher versions of Photoshop installed because some brushes opt for higher versions to work. In that case, you can use vector images and custom shapes instead of brushes. You can also check this best photo editing software for PC. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy these free and awesome shape brushes!

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