8 Free, Well-designed Coming Soon And Under Construction Templates

Under construction and coming soon templates are very useful in informing your visitors that your website or blog is going to start soon or in fixing mode. They’re also great if you’re launching a product and want to tell the world about it before it’s released on the market. These templates are key aspects to improve your site’s future traffic and, of course, page rank. Even if your site isn’t ready yet, you can already build inbound links, which give you SEO benefits.

But, sometimes, it’s difficult to think about what to put on your site that hasn’t been officially launched. To help you find inspiration, here’s a list of templates that’ll give you idea on how to provide your audience a meaningful coming soon page. Don’t just write there “Coming soon” or “Under construction.” Make sure that your visitors will have something to look forward to.
This list is a collection of highly creative page designs that might help you get started.

1. Minimal

Minimal Coming Soon

What’s great about this template is that it shows you the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds before the launch. It also gives your audience an opportunity to sign-up for your updates while you’re busy working on your new site. This will keep your users engaged and be intrigued with what’s to come on that launch date.

2. HTML 5 Coming Soon Template

MediaLoot Coming Soon

It’s a great web page that you can put to your site while your own website is in progress. It provides a feature that updates your progress on the project and count down to the day when your site is going to be launched. The progress bar is attractive that conveys the real status of your site before its launch. It gives your visitors the definite date on when it’ll be completed.

3. Soon MF

Soon MF

4. Paper Launch

Paper Launch

It’s another well-designed template that gives your audience an idea of what your website or service is all about. It shows the construction phase of your site. It utilizes timer, status bar, and newsletter signups. You can customize the text and contact details of your company.

5. Landis


This is one of the templates that avoid losing the trust of your visitors. It’s possible that you’ve already invited some visitors to your website that isn’t ready yet. Unfortunately, not all visitors understand why it’s not working yet. A nice background about your company and pieces of information about the site’s progress will make your visitors understand why your site isn’t ready yet and how long they’re going to wait.

6. Wtf Coming Soon Template

Wtf Coming Soon Template

It may not contain enough information about the progress of your site but you can customize the page to briefly explain what you’re building. It has social networking buttons that your visitors can click to find out more about your site or company.

7. Black, White and Gray from Ourtuts

Black, White and Gray from Ourtuts

8. Time A Wastin

Time A Wastin

The analog clock is just impressive. It’s an easy and very flexible page that’ll help you define your upcoming website. It’s also supported by good looking text fonts.

There are many valid reasons you need to insert these templates to your upcoming website. Keep in mind that an unfinished site without an under-construction template will have an implication that the upcoming site is a poorly designed one. These templates are all well-designed so they’re well worth checking out.

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