8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Google Chrome Over Other Browsers

We all started out using Internet Explorer (IE) or even Netscape Navigator in the 90’s, but there are plenty of awesome reasons as to why more and more people are choosing to use other browsers to surf the internet, among which is Google Chrome. It’s actually my favorite browser! If you are still having doubts about switching to Google Chrome, read on.

why should switch to Google Chrome


If you take pay attention to Google’s search engine, you will notice that it is simple in terms of layout. This simple layout is what makes Google very appealing to virtually all users of any age, whether very tech-savvy or otherwise. Likewise, Google’s URL bar works as its search bar, so searching is more efficient.

Light and Lightning Fast

Just like the search engine, the browser has a basic interface, and is quick to load, compared to other browsers. This has been proven many times by comparative tests conducted. Think about it: it makes sense to use a fast browser when doing research work because with a slow-loading browser, your productivity is compromised. Chrome uses something called Webkit, which is what is responsible for its speed.

Better Security

A lot of us purchase merchandise online, and so it makes sense to find a browser that is secure. This has also been proven by comparative tests between Chrome, Mozillla Firefox and IE. Likewise, Chrome flexed its muscles during the Pwn20wn competition, as hackers and security pros attempted to find bugs in the browser, to find security issues.

Trouble-Free Browsing

A lot of browsers tend to have a lot of accoutrements that can be very annoying. Google Chrome does not have these, and all options are conveniently kept in one corner of the browser. With this, you get to browse the internet without a lot of annoying clickables scattered about the browser, taking up space.


Another option available to Google Chrome is the option to browse web pages privately, known as Incognito Mode. There is even a keyboard shortcut for this, for faster switching between normal and private browsing. This feature also makes it possible to be logged into a couple of Gmail accounts at the same time.

Multiple Homepages

Google Chrome also makes it possible to open multiple web pages upon loading. This is convenient for those that like to read news from multiple websites, or those that wish to be spared of having to manually open several web pages every time the browser loads.

Easy Migration

Chrome makes it easy to migrate or switch from one browser to another, with its synchronization feature. This feature will synchronize any bookmarks that you might have had in IE, so you will not need to do this manually. Likewise, on another laptop or computer, you will easily be able to access your bookmarks, thanks to this feature.

Reboot-Free Installations

Using Google Chrome, it is also not necessary to restart the browser right after installing some add-ons. As many of us are aware, reboots can be very annoying to have to do while in the middle of getting work done, especially when the reboot is required.

More and more online users are switching to Google Chrome, and the browser has even been the most popular web browser in the world. Those that are simply sick and tired of how slow, annoying or inconvenient other browsers are to use will be sure to appreciate the convenience offered by Google Chrome. If Google is the main search engine that you use and are happy with the service provided by the search engine, this ease is extended by using the browser.

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