9 Cool Free Responsive Tumblr Themes

Updated: August 21, 2013. All for free!

With the latest addition of HTML5, there is no reason that your Tumblr website should still look boring and not engaging. HTML5 unlocks a floodgate of different design compatibilities and the ability to add various features that are not possible with the previous versions of HTML.

One of the most beautiful features of HTML5 is the creation of responsive themes.

Responsive theme means that your website will be able to resize itself automatically to fit different sizes of monitors. This is very important since the Internet is now accessed with the use of various devices such as the desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile gadgets. For the past few years, this is one of the biggest issues that web designers have to face – the difference of devices and even the type of browsers people use.

With the help of HTML5, web designers are now able to take on this problem more effectively. One of the best results of this advancement is the responsive themes.

To give you a headstart on the use of responsive themes, check out this list of 9 must-have responsive themes available today.

1. Footnote

Footnote Tumblr Layout

A flat designed theme by themestatic in orange background. I love how they use white space for this theme so well.

2. Kitsune Grid by themestation

Kitsune Tumblr Theme

If you’re into minimal design, this tumblr theme is for you!

3. Sidebar Theme

Sidebar Theme

4. Mesh by themestation

Mesh Theme

This theme can be changed to two, three, or four columns. There’s also an option to enable infinite(endless) scrolling, text shadow and loading screen. You can also change the theme scheme colours!

5. Pink Touch 2

Pink Touch 2

Pink Touch II by KCMR Features include custom colors, disqus comments, localization and tags. This suits for girly bloggers out there.

6. Observer

Observer Theme

This minimal black and white theme made by Zsultan features disqus comments, custom images, all post types, tags and you can

7. Modern Grid

Modern Grid Tumblr Theme

8. Syndex


9. Organ



10. Club Monaco

 Club Monaco

Club Monaco is a great theme for fashionista bloggers! I love it’s sophisticated look. Your viewers are also able to It’s definitely one of my favourites as well.

11. Bricolage


12. Pliancy


Pliancy theme by Themestatic features a sidebar, links, search bar, custom colors, images, tags and disqus comments.

13. Telpher

Telpher Tumblr Theme

Another theme by themestatic in orange background.

So far, these are the top responsive Tumblr themes. All of these will surely improve how your Tumblr will look. Of course, there will always be other Tumblr themes that will emerge in the near future, but as of now; you need to try these themes first to improve your website’s appearance.

Having the right theme will increase your followers, readers, and audience. With this in mind, you will get more out of your Tumblr website.

If you have other themes in mind that wasn’t included in this list, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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