9 Lovely Collections Of Triangle Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop is a very useful tool in enhancing any type of images. Even if your photo editing skills are on the slow side, you could still create stunning results using the software’s tools. Designers all over the world regularly use this program to help them in polishing their images.

The demand of stunning images is too high. For that reason, there are tons of effects that you can find in helping you further create beautiful images through the help of this program.

Brushes are tools in Photoshop that’ll make any dull photo into creative images. Some of them are free to download while others require a certain fee. Of course, most of you don’t want to pay for a simple brush, right?

So, this post will save you some time in finding Photoshop brushes that you can use for your artwork. In this collection, you’ll discover 9 brushes for triangle effects in your design. Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot them online. But the sets included here can surely help you in saving serious time when adding some beautiful effects to your designs.

1. 21 Triangle Brushes by Josh Latham


All 21 brushes were created using CS4. It’s a useful collection of brushes that let you show off your creativity. If you use them properly, you’ll find that they can beautify your photos by simply brushing around. Implement some of the techniques provided by some experts online and you’ll get highly enhanced photos that your viewers will love.

2. Triangle Brushes by DontCallMeEve


These brushes will help you create detailed triangle patterns. You can even use them to produce images with triangle light effects. With that in mind, you can transform a normal portrait into beautifully well-done image. Get some inspiration on TV or from other designers online to help you get started.

3. Geometric Jewelry Brushes by Cheesestorm


The triangle forms or images are from Forever21. The whole set includes 21 brushes. These useful brushes will give your image an instant stunning effect. You can add specks and splatters to make your image more appealing to the eyes. Or you can add colorful streaks of light to these brushes to further enhance your image.

4. RoseCabriolet Triangle Brushes by RoseCabriolet


It’s a lovely collection of triangle brushes. Each of them is of high quality. It features a range of triangle patterns that suit any type of designs. To make your design unique, you can use these brushes to create dirty backgrounds and textures.

5. 12 Geometric Brushes by acidmii-stock


The set includes 12 brushes in .abr format. Although it’s free to download, you can’t use it for commercial purposes. With these brushes, you can create tons of effects, like glowing photo effects. If you want to create more stunning images using these brushes, then look for Photoshop tutorials that’ll help you enhance your shots.

6. Triangle Brushes by osukatutoriales


Any type of effects can be done using these brushes. But you can only accomplish those using Filters. Find some techniques online and incorporate them with the use of triangle brushes to further beautify your photos.

7. Polygonal Brushes by GekkouDoragon


It doesn’t only contain triangle brushes but also circle, diamond and square. You can use them when creating a technical-drawing image or cross-sectional designs.

8. Three Triangles Brush Set by taviskaron


Each brush is in 2300 pixels. Use these brushes to create brilliant details on your design, like topographical renderings. How about diagrams? Brushes are in ABR format.

9. Triangle by ShadyMedusa-stock


It consists of 11 brushes. The set can be used anywhere but the brushes must not be incorporated in designs containing original works of other artists or photographers. They’re very versatile that you can use it in any type of design that you can think of.

These triangle brushes for Photoshop will help in providing a real-media look and feel to your artwork. Some brushes have thin marks while others have thicker marks. With that in mind, you’ll have different options that you can choose from.

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