9 Reliable Free Software Download Sites

It’s tempting to obtain all free programs that you find online. Unfortunately, it’s not at all safe. In protecting your computer, you need to take certain precautions to make sure that you’re downloading a malware-free program.

Experts recommend using a good browser when going to a download site where you can obtain free programs. The most recommended browsers available will warn you if you’re visiting a site that’s infected with viruses and other malicious programs.

You must take the warning seriously and don’t download anything coming from that site. It’s also a good practice not to download a program automatically. Infected sites will try to automatically download a program so they can easily transfer malicious software to your computer. So, watch out for these sites that utilize automatic download.

For a list of safe download sites where you can get free programs, check out this list:

1. Download.com


This download site doesn’t just cater to individuals who want to download free software but it also provides reliable paid programs. Its selection is wide, which is one of the reasons it’s the most popular software download site online. It’s also simple to use and navigate, despite its wide array of options.

2. Majorgeeks.com


The geeks of this site offer a collection of both free and paid apps for your computer. Each app has been scanned for malware and other malicious programs. You can sort programs by name, date or OS.

3. Brothersoft.com


Its selection of free downloadable programs is enormous. It’s simple and straightforward to use. It houses hundreds of programs designed for different types of platforms. It also includes apps for mobile phones.

4. Tucows.com


It’s one of the first download sites that provide free programs. These days, it offers a wide array of services, in addition to being a free software download site. The best thing about this site is its reliability and wide selection of free and paid apps.

5. Softpedia.com


In here, you can find software that you can download for Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating system for desktop, laptop and mobile. It’s one of the must-go-to software download sites if you want to find free online games. It also includes latest news about a software, movie, music, etc.

6. Softonic.com


Although it doesn’t support programs for Linux, it still offers a great selection of free software for Mac, Windows and mobile OS. Each program listed has reviews and ranking from experts. The reviews contain not just features of the program but also its pros and cons.

7. CNET.com


It’s a download site that doesn’t only provide free software but it’s also a site where you can find reviews, articles and blogs about technology.

8. PCWorld.com


Just like CNET.com, PCWorld offers free and paid apps with ratings and reviews from technical experts. The specifications and features of the apps are thoroughly described so that users will have an idea on what to expect from a certain program.

9. Download3000.com


With its wide selection of free software, you can be sure that the program you wish to obtain is available. Its offerings include free programs and paid apps.

While these free software download sites are reliable, you can still find a program that’s infected with malware. So, be sure that you read its description and reviews from actual users before you download it to your computer or device.

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