17 Fabulous About Me Pages By Female Bloggers

“About Me” pages have a unique way of engaging and informing your visitors.

This is because they do so in a more personal manner.

And, unlike other pages, this page speaks volumes about the whole blog itself as well as the blogger who runs it.

This is why it’s not surprising for experienced bloggers to take their time in making their “About Me” pages.

Female bloggers, for one, have a reputation for paying close attention to minor details when it comes to their blogs, most especially, their “About Me” pages.

To prove this point, listed below are awesome about me examples by female bloggers. You can use these to help you get started to create an engaging about page.

Awesome About Me Examples of Female Bloggers @ twelveskip.com

17 Examples Of Fabulous About Me Pages By Female Bloggers

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1. Dana of TheWonderForest

 Dana of TheWonderForest

Most designers prefer to use professional photos of themselves in their “About Me” pages, and Dana (day-nuh not dan-uh) is no different. The use of different font styles and a simple layout also add valuable visual interest to keep readers engrossed.

2. Lauren from LaurenConrad

 Lauren from LaurenConrad

As stylish and chic as the whole website may be, as well as its contents, the “About Me” page is anything but that. However, it is not boring in any way, as the use of the right typography, paired with the gorgeous shot of the blog owner makes the page a great read on its own.

3. Ash of The MiddleFingerProject

 Ash of The MiddleFingerProject

Here’s a great example of a unique bad-ass “About Me” page and you can already tell that by just looking at Ash’s photo. I especially adore how she shares her story using witty lines (yet very straightforward) without really blabbing that much. As she said, no b*llshit.

4. Danielle of Danielle-Dowling

 Danielle of Danielle-Dowling

Using her default layout and a picture of herself, Dr. Danielle Dowling uses simplicity to her advantage by using a powerful style of writing to keep viewers interested and engaged all throughout.

5. Lindsay of PinchofYum

 Lindsay of PinchofYum

In this personal blog filled with various resource information, most of which are food recipes, the design of the “About Me” page is neat and organized, while the content is as simple as you can get from an “About Me” page.

6. Amanda of AroyalDaughter

 Amanda of AroyalDaughter

7. Marie of MarieForLeo

 Marie of MarieForLeo

Marie sets the tone for an upbeat reading right from the onset by using a candid shot of her that almost look like she’s dancing right at the very start of the page.

8. Laura of BloggingOverThyme

 Laura of BloggingOverThyme

Fitting with her blog’s overall theme, the “About Me” page is as simple and as straightforward as it can get. The use of great typography, however, keeps it from looking bland or boring.

9. Rebecca from Kontrary

 Rebecca from Kontrary

This “About Me” page takes simplicity to a whole new level by just being an “About Me” page. However, the use of the proper typography, paired with the blog owner’s picture, turns the rather boring design into an engaging read.

10. Kara of HappyGoLucky

 Kara of HappyGoLucky

In this DIY blog, Kara uses a very simple layout to its fullest advantage by using short sentences to provide details about her, without making the “About Me” look like it is short-handing its readers or viewers.

11. Crystal of MoneySavingMom

 Crystal of MoneySavingMom

Great typography and content is what makes this “About Me” page stand out. Not only that, simple layout also makes the page so much easier on the eyes as well.

12. Julie of JulieSeatsandTreats

 Julie of JulieSeatsandTreats

Straightforward, simple and nice. The use of proper typography helps in keeping everything easy on the eyes, and the use of various photos do not hurt that at all.

13. Lauren of ThinkingCloset

 Lauren of ThinkingCloset

While creativity does not exactly jump out the page in this blog about creativity, the content itself pretty much says it all as it is well-written and entertaining enough to keep you engaged from the very first word up until the very last.

Besides, Lauren’s (the blog owner) ecstatic picture pretty much says it all anyway.

14. Elsie and Emma of ABeautifulMess

Elsie and Emma from ABeautifulMess

Using black and white shots of the people behind the blog, a beautiful mess is able to infuse a whole lot of creativity into a rather simple, yet artistic web design.

15. Amy of AmyPorterfield

Amy from AmyPorterfield

I love the way Amy shared her story, the way she followed his father’s advice and how she grew her business online. Most importantly, the way she highlights her values. I’ve actually read it all because the intro itself caught me and the way she breaks down her story in a very simple but readable format.

16. Ree of ThePioneerWoman

Ree of ThePioneerWoman

If you’re that country chick, I bet you would like Ree Drummond’s about page! Take a look at how she uses awesome vintage-looking photos to demonstrate how country girl she is.

17. Natalie of SuitcaseEntrepreneur

Natalie of SuitcaseEntrepreneur

Take a look at how this down to earth entrepreneur share her story and accomplishments in a very detailed way. Including how she shares her story, her fave tools, how her journey began and even how she adds adventure to her life (interesting huh?)? And I think she’s quite inspiring!

“About Me” pages are all about telling a story. And, it’s up to you as to how you will tell it.

You can use plain words, or you can use various images, or you can do a mix of both. Whatever it is, what is important is that it tells much about what your blog is all about and to some extent, why you made it.

If you’re having any troubles with your own “About Me” page, feel free to use any one of those “About Me” page examples listed above for you to have an idea.

That said. Take the time to make sure that your “About Me” page is as good as it can possibly be. Remember, it will all be worth it in the end.

Read my tips on how to create an interesting “About Me” page.

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