3 best accordion menu plugins for your wordpress site

There are a lot of elements that you can add to your WordPress website and one of these is the WordPress accordion Menu Plugins.

Accordion menu plugins is part of a graphical user interface (GUI). An accordion is a list of items stacked vertically. Each item in an accordion list can be expanded to reveal more information about that item.

Depending upon the configured setting, the accordion menu may contain zero to many items when stretched or expanded. The term accordion is derived from the musical instrument known as accordion.

Just like the GUI accordion, the musical accordion’s bellows can also be expanded.

In this post, let us go through some of the best accordion menu plugins available to modify your WordPress website.

1. JQuery Accordion Menu Widget


First in our list is an accordion menu plugin created by remix4. With a near perfect 5-star rating, it’ll enable you to create a vertical accordion menu. Through the plugin, you can add multiple levels, save browsing history through cookies, use “click” or “hover” function, and many others.

JQuery Accordion Menu Widget is absolutely customizable. You can select how the menu will open or close, either through clicking or hovering the mouse pointer. The open menu will automatically close as well when a user clicks other menu or area of the website. There are other options that you can activate as well such as the disable parent link, close menu, show count, class menu, class disable, hover delay, animated speed, and skin.

2. WP UI –Tabs, Accordions, Sliders


This plugin is created by kavingray. The plugin can add tabs, dialogs, spoilers, and accordion. In addition to this, the plugin comes with 14 new and improved CSS3 styles and 24 different jQuery UI custom themes.

The strength of WP UI is that it is very helpful and easy to use. The shortcodes are exceptionally handy when it comes to adding posts and feeds.

3. Collapse-O-Matic


Collapse-O-Matic can increase the SEO-friendliness of your website. It can automatically remove clutters in your code and save space as a result.

4. Tabby Responsive Tabs


If you need tabs for your posts, you’ll certainly love Tabby Responsive Tabs. Since it is responsive, it can easily adapt to different screen sizes and devices. The tabs and accordion is supported by jQuery and you can create multiple tabs on the same page. There’s also an option where you change the style of the tabs and its header.

These are some of the best accordion menu plugins that you should know about. If you still do not have accordion widget on your website, then you definitely need to try these plugins.

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