How To Add A Custom Tumblr Theme Code

Tumblr offers thousands of easy-to-install themes in their theme garden. However, some situations require more personalized themes than the ones available on the garden (e.g. for business and ecommerce blogs).

These blog designs will require installing Tumblr theme codes, which is not an easy task compared to installing themes from the theme garden.

These custom codes are written on HTML text format. Although some Tumblr bloggers already encountered working with HTML, majority of the Tumblr users are new to this language and don’t have any idea on where to start.

Fortunately, Tumblr users don’t necessarily need to do HTML editing in order to utilize custom themes.

They can copy hundreds of free and paid custom themes that are now available on the internet. They will only need to know how to add a code in order to use those themes.

Anyway, installing a theme on your account doesn’t require extensive knowledge on how the coding works. Basically, the only thing you need to know is how to copy and paste text. To enlighten you further, read the following easy steps on adding a Tumblr theme code.

So, How do You add custom theme to tumblr?

1. Copy The Theme Code

First things first, you need to have the code in order to add/install it. Select or highlight the codes of the theme to copy.

2. Access Settings Page

After that, access your Tumblr account. Click the Settings icon (the button that looks like a mechanical gear) on the upper right of the Dashboard page. It will automatically redirect you to the Settings page.

Access Settings Page

3. Select The Blog To Be Edited

Choose the blog that you will change the theme on the left side tabs.

Select a Blog You Want to Edit

4. Click “Customize”

Scroll down a little further and you will see the Theme section. Click the Customize button.

Click Customize

5. Click “Edit HTML”

On the left side is a task pane containing a button named “Edit HTML”, click the button to open up the blog’s present theme code.


6. Paste The Theme Code

You can now replace your present theme code by deleting your blog’s current coding and pasting the code of your new theme.

7. Preview, Then Save

Click the Update Preview button in order to preview your new theme. Lastly, don’t forget to save changes by clicking the Save button.

Adding Tumblr theme codes is not as hard as it seems. As you can see, Tumblr’s interface might require a bit of researching in order to be entirely understood. Nevertheless, customizing the microblogs on this platform is still easy if only you can allot some time to study it.

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