Adding An Emoticon To Your Facebook Status

In the online world, people don’t really know how you really feel, and thus, emoticons were used to express our true emotions. While only first available on chat and comments, Facebook has now rolled in the feature of setting a current mood for your current status update. In this article, we are going to show you how to update your Facebook status and add an emoticon to it, to express how you really feel.

How to add an emoticon to your Facebook status

Here is how you show your emotions on any Facebook status you make:

  1. First, write on the “What’s on your mind?” any status you feel like typing.
  2. WOnYouMindFB

  3. Next, below that box, click on the smiley icon, look for the “What are you doing?” box and type “feeling”.
  4. WOnYouDoingFB

  5. Navigate with the right arrow key or just click on it to choose from a bunch of emoticons (e.g. happy, sad, tired, great, wonderful, etc.) and select that.
  6. EmoticonsFB

  7. You can also type your custom emotion, such as “fabulous”. You can also pick your custom emoticon for that emotion.
  8. SmileysFB

  9. In addition, you can also choose other options rather than “feeling”, such as “watching”, “reading”, “listening to”, “drinking” and “eating”, and choose whatever you like or type it in the box.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook status emotions / emoticons

The advantage is quite simple: it lets you share what you really feel instead of just posting a blank status. It is also presented in a much more uniform way than having to type something like “I’m eating lunch” or “having a coffee break”, etc. It also has these really cute icons / emoticons for you to use and customize.

The downside of this is that if you use it in the wrong way. For instance, if you set all your emotion / emoticon statuses to public, people might get annoyed or use your data to track your activity, hobbies and find a way to lure you down with advertisements, scam offers, and such. So be very careful, just like with posting status updates.


Expressing what you feel and the things you are currently doing while using Facebook has never been this convenient. If your folks and friends haven’t tried this new feature yet, share it to them and they might be very pleased with updating their Facebook statuses!

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