How To Add Follow Button Facebook On Your Website

As a blogger, entrepreneur, artist, or website owner, having a dedicated following can help you increase your audience and spread your name across a social media network like Facebook. The main reason why people create a Facebook fan page is because it allows their users to discuss matters about the website/ personality/ product and keep the viewers informed about any update made. Creating a link between your Facebook page and your website is very useful since it would be easier to connect the two sources in just a click. Having the Facebook follow button on your website or blog makes it possible for your audience to share their interest with their friends, and makes spreading the existence of your page a lot easier. By following these simple steps, you can create your own ‘Follow us’ Facebook badge.


  1. Create your Facebook fan page. You will be asked the type where your page belongs, so you are free to categorized the page you’ll create.
  2. FanPageFB

  3. Now visit Look for the ‘Page Badge’ option.
  4. PageBadgeFB

  5. Click on ‘Edit this badge’ link. It should be next to the name of the Facebook page that you want to create badge for.
  6. EditPageFB

  7. Select whether ‘Vertical, Horizontal, or 2 Columns’ on how you want the layout of the badge to look like. You can click on each option to see their preview.
  8. LayoutbadgeFB

  9. Once you have chosen the layout, place a check mark next to the Name, Status, Picture, or Fans to customize the description you want on the badge. Again, you can see the preview of whatever changes you make to find the selection that you like. If you select picture, the current photo of your page will be the photo seen on the badge.
  10. ItemsBadgeFB

  11. After editing the badge, click ‘Save’ and return to the previous page.
  12. SaveBadgeFB

  13. After creating the badge, click the other button next to the Facebook page that you want to make a Follow button for. You should see a text field with a code.
  14. ButtonsBadgeFB

  15. Finally, highlight the code in the text field, copy it and paste into your website HTML field to have it shown on your page.
  16. CodeBadgeFB

Once you have completed all of these steps, you should now have a Follow Us badge on your website/ blog page. The alignment of the badge on your page will be up to the code you created, but make sure to place it somewhere that the viewer will easily notice it.

As you can see, the Facebook badge is highly customizable so it will be a good idea to add your icon or if you have a logo, to make the badge instantly recognizable since your Facebook page will be sharing your name. Helping your users keep in touch with your updates will make it easier for them since they can deal with only one site at a time, and that is Facebook.

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