How To Add a New Post on WordPress

Helpful in building an optimized website for search engines, blogging remains still one of the most reliable strategies. Brainstorm topics that your target audience may be interested in. Collate keywords and valuable content ideas then allocate at least one for now so you can get started in adding a new post on WordPress.

Go to WP-Admin and hover over the Post option on the left navigation menu. A sub-menu will appear and you may select Add New to be directed to the New Post Page. Once the page loads, you will find fields you can fill out for your content. Always start with the title — it would be best to have a title that grabs attention to attract the target audience to click on your blog.

Click “Posts” from the dashboard’s left navigation > select “Menus” then follow below:

Below the Title field, you’ll find the Body text field. Here, you can write your content freely. There is also an available Text Editor Toolbar that you can use to format your copy. You may incorporate Headings and other text formats to improve the readability of your content not only to your website visitors but also to allow easy indexing for search engines. Besides this, feel free to add images, files, and other media relevant to the content. 

Once done, you can select designated categories to help organize your posts depending on various topics. Related keywords and concepts may be incorporated and added to your list. The same process is also done for tags. Listing related keywords to the content can also help match it to specific frequently used keywords in search engines. Separate each tag with a comma if you’re adding them in one go.

Remember to also add a Featured Photo that goes on top of the blog and search engines. Save the draft and preview so you can check how it appears on the front end. Publish when ready!

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