how-to: add people back who added you all at once in google plus (bulk adding)

People have loved your posts. They love your website. They want to recommend you. They want to follow your stories. Now you want to return the favor; you want to add all of them to your list. But how do you do it if they’re too many?

Thankfully, in Google+, you have the privilege and the freedom to selectively and even collectively add people to your list. By turning to the ‘bulk adding’ feature of the social platform, you’ll save yourself a lot of time without the hassle. Much better, it’s all in a single button.

They’re waiting for your turn now. Start with the steps below!

  1. Login to your Google Plus home.
  2. Click “Home” drop down button at the top left side then click “People”.
  3. Click “Added You” at the left side menu
  4. Now you can see everyone who added you. To add ALL back, hit the “Add All (XXX)” button at the top right of your screen.
  5. Select or create a new circle and you’re done! YAY!

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