How-to: Add Pinterest Widget To Your Website

Making Pinterest part of your online strategy will enable you to promote your content and expand your social reach.

With the launch of Pinterest business accounts, the possibilities are endless and the social platform is offering amazing tools you can take advantage to promote your Pinterest profile.

The best way to plug your account is through your website, your most powerful marketing asset!

Currently, Pinterest offers two widgets that you can add to your website.

This tutorial will teach you the use of these widgets and how to incorporate them to your website.

I. The Profile Widget

The profile widget showcases up to 30 of your latest pins anywhere on your website. This is advantageous since it enables you to show the value of your Pinterest account to your website visitors without the need for them to be a Pinterest user or leave your website.

All your pins are neatly arranged in a box. It also gets updated as you add a new pin.

The Profile widget works best the follow button. With their combination, users who are fascinated with your Pinterest content can follow you with ease. Here are the steps you need to do when setting up a profile widget.

Setting up your Profile Widget

  1. Go to Pinterest Widget builder and select “Profile Widget”
  2. Insert your user URL to generate the embed code for your Profile widget. This will pull the 30 latest pins from your account.
  3. Click the ‘Advanced Options’ to customize the height and width of your widget. You may also customize the width of the images within the widget.
  4. Copy and paste the embed code into your site HTML where you want it to be placed. Remember to choose the best location in your website for your Profile widget!

II. The Board Widget

This widget is very much similar to the Profile widget except that it allows you to display 30 of your latest pins from a single specific board.

For instance, if you are running a fashion website, it will be best for you to showcase your board under the fashion category. This enables you to showcase more targeted content options and can be more appealing to your website audience.

By creating segmented Pinterest pinboards, you will be able to display pins with a more targeted visual content. Showcase these segmented pinboards to targeted web pages you created. You can set up your board widget in just a few steps. Here’s how:

Setting up your Board Widget:

  1. Go to Pinterest Widget builder and select “Board Widget”
  2. Insert the URL of the Pinterest board you want to showcase to generate the embed code for the Board widget.
  3. Through the ‘Advanced Settings’, you can adjust the widget’s height and width. It also allows you to modify the width of the images.
  4. The embed code that you need will be generated by Pinterest. You may now copy and paste this code to your site HTML where you want it to appear.

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